INTERPOL: Justin Trudeau under investigation for genocide as #MonkeyPox trends

INTERPOL: Justin Trudeau under investigation for genocide as #MonkeyPox trends

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, may be facing charges of crimes against humanity and genocide, according to several members of Interpol. Trudeau faces the death penalty if charged and convicted. Agents from Interpol confirmed these details with the Vancouver Times during an exclusive interview. One agent described the evidence against Trudeau as “overwhelming.”

Trudeau is under fire for turning Canada into a dictatorship and forcing millions of Canadians to take an experimental and dangerous vaccine against their will. Podcaster Joe Rogan was one of many public figures to denounce the authoritarian prime minister, referring to Trudeau as a “creepy dictator.”

This comes as Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the WHO arrives in Holland to face similar charges. Tedros was caught on an airplane to Africa with a bag of hundred dollar bills and expensive jewelry.

Vancouver Times previously reported that Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are also under investigation by Interpol. Mainstream media outlets have yet to report on the arrest of Tedros, which is common with these types of high-profile cases.

UPDATE: The “fact-checkers” at Lead Stories decided to “fact-check” this article, despite it being obvious satire. To ease confusion, we have added a note to the bottom of the article, and placed it in the satire section. Don’t forget to read our disclaimer.

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