‘It’s Become A Nightmare’: Piers Morgan Blasts Kim Kardashian’s ‘Massive Naked A**’ ‘American Dream’ Issue Cover

‘It’s Become A Nightmare’: Piers Morgan Blasts Kim Kardashian’s ‘Massive Naked A**’ ‘American Dream’ Issue Cover

Piers Morgan blasted Kim Kardashian’s “massive naked a**” cover for Interview magazine’s September issue, titled the “American Dream,” calling it “horribly offensive and inappropriate.”

In a lengthy opinion editorial Tuesday for the New York Post, titled “If the American Dream is now Kim Kardashian flashing her big a** in front of the flag, then it’s become a Nightmare,” Morgan included lines from the Declaration of Independence and said Kardashian’s cover fails to represent any of these ideals.

“This morning, she [Kardashian] tweeted the cover of Interview magazine’s new ‘American Dream Issue’ and there she was, barely recognizable from severe and deeply unflattering facial airbrushing, in a denim trouser-suit with her pants pulled down and her ginormous and gravitationally challenged naked backside bursting out of the top,” the TV personality wrote.

*NEW COLUMN: If @KimKardashian baring her massive naked ass in front of the US flag is now the American Dream.. then it’s become a Nightmare. https://t.co/dNDLuksgom

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) September 6, 2022

“All with the stars-and-stripes flag of the United States of America as the backdrop,” he added. “My first thought when I saw it was to burst into derisive laughter, which is my usual reaction to anything the Kardashians ever do. But my second thought was one of genuine disgust.”

“Is THIS the new American Dream,” Morgan continued. “Is THIS what the Founding Fathers meant when they first devised the Constitution? Is THIS the spirit of the big tent that Jesse Jackson imagined?”

The host of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” admitted he wasn’t even American, but said that he found the cover “horribly offensive and inappropriate — not because I’m shocked to see Ms. Kardashian’s flesh yet again infecting social media at warp speed like a COVID-style digital virus, but because her claim that it represents the American Dream is such a grotesque desecration of what it should represent.”

The British broadcaster later pulled out a comment “The Kardashians” star made in the article about how people always question what her talent is, and she shared that she thinks it’s “marketing and the business” to know what the customer wants.

Morgan disagreed, and wrote that her “entire fame and fortune are entirely attributable to your shameless, cynical exploitation of your sex life and naked body, and short-lived marriage to one of the world’s biggest and most genuinely talented music stars, Kanye West.”

He closed out his post noting that “if it’s truly the case that the American Dream is now defined by someone with zero talent, famous for having sex on tape and flashing her flash for cash, then it’s time everyone woke the hell up.”

“You’re not the American Dream, Kim, you’re the American Nightmare,” Piers concluded. The entirety of his comments can be seen here.

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