‘It’s Like Mourning’: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Star Reveals What Set Her Off As The Trilogy Wrapped

“Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3” is set to hit theaters this week — and at least one of the stars has said that she feels like mourning has already set in as the franchise’s final chapter begins to make its way in the world.

Pom Klementieff, who played the role of Mantis in Volumes 2 and 3, said Friday that she has already begun to feel the impact of the series coming to a close — and that sometimes, the smallest things can trigger an intense emotional reaction.

Writer and director James Gunn outed Klementieff during a recent virtual press conference ahead of the film’s release, noting that he had been on a plane with several members of the “Guardians” cast — including Star Lord actor Chris Pratt and Nebula actress Karen Gillan in addition to Klementieff — when she had burst into tears over what they all thought was a simple accident.

Gunn began by blaming the entire situation on Pratt, saying, “We are on the plane. You know Chris, Chris is a clumsy oaf, okay? He comes in. We’re taking off. He has a coffee — there’s a cup holder right there. He doesn’t put his coffee in the cup holder. He puts it on the armrest.”

The director went on to explain that Klementieff had gotten on the plane with a really “cool looking” purse — which the actress confirmed had been “very expensive” — and that Pratt’s apparent inability to use a cup holder may have ruined it.

Gunn joked that the only explanation for what happened next was that perhaps Pratt had never flown before — because the coffee he’d placed on the armrest tipped over, spilling all over Klementieff’s “expensive, beautiful purse that we’ve all been complimenting for a week.”

“Pom’s a little irritated with Chris, as she should be. And, you know, we clean it up, and then we’re flying for another, I don’t know, maybe, you know, 10 minutes,” Gunn continued, adding that seemingly out of the blue, the actress suddenly began to cry a short while later.

“And she goes, ‘I’m so sad.’ And Chris and I look at each other and go, ‘You really screwed up,’” Gunn said. “We thought she was sad about her purse getting wet.”

But Klementieff’s reaction apparently had nothing to do with the purse. “I feel like something is ending,” she said. “It’s funny because I wanted to hide in the bathroom and cry because … it’s like mourning, you know, sometimes it just comes at unexpected moments, and you just can’t control it. And it’s the beauty of it too, you know, it just comes like that, and I couldn’t contain it, and I wanted to hide in the bathroom to cry, but Karen was in the bathroom.”


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