‘I’ve Been Shot At’: Combat Veteran Blows Up MSNBC Guest’s Claim That Florida Is A ‘Terrorist State’

Congressman Mike Waltz (R-FL) fired back on Tuesday after an MSNBC guest claimed that Florida was “about to be a terrorist state” for black Americans and anyone in the LGBTQ community.

Democratic strategist Aisha Mills made the comment to “Deadline White House” host Nicolle Wallace, referencing a travel warning from the NAACP that labeled Florida “hostile” to black Americans and the LGBTQ population. Waltz, a combat veteran and a Green Beret who was literally trained to fight terrorists, said Mills was “legitimately insane.”


MSNBC guest says Florida is about to be a “terrorist state” for black people and lesbians. These people are legit insane: pic.twitter.com/JKNwX8kCYh

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) May 22, 2023

Wallace brought up the travel warning, issued by the NAACP over the weekend, which said in part, “Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color.”

Mills said that she appreciated the warning from the NAACP, saying, “I think it was extremely clever, and I really appreciate the NAACP’s guidance on this issue, you know, I just took my family to Spring Break in Florida recently, and I think about all of the folks who travel there for sun and joy and peace and restoration — and to be reminded that actually this is getting to the point where Florida is about to be a terrorist state to many of us here in America. Certainly as a lesbian, as a black woman, I don’t want to have anything to do with the place.”

Mills went on to say that she felt like the NAACP’s guidance drew attention to those who might have considered traveling there and would choose to make different plans: “I thank them.”

Radio host Clay Travis shared a video clip of Mills’ appearance, adding, “These people are legit insane” — and Waltz readily agreed.


@ClayTravis is 100% correct,” Waltz tweeted in response. “As a combat veteran, I’ve been shot at by actual terrorists in war torn countries. These people are legitimately insane.”

.@clayTravis is 100% correct. As a combat veteran, I’ve been shot at by actual terrorists in war torn countries.

These people are legitimately insane. https://t.co/2jTQ4e8RjZ

— Rep. Mike Waltz (@michaelgwaltz) May 23, 2023

Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler also responded to the NAACP’s warning, noting that the organization’s chairman — Leon Russell — lived in Florida himself.

“True leadership is being willing to do what you ask others to do … time to step up and MOVE,” Ziegler challenged Russell. “If you think our state is so bad, the @FloridaGOP will help with moving costs.”

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