‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Ask What’s Happening After ‘Spoiler’ Editing Glitch In Tournament

“Jeopardy!” fans had a lot of questions about what happened after a “spoiler” glitch in the first round of the High School Reunion Tournament showed the final scores in the opening segment of the show.

During the opening part of the popular game show on March 8, viewers at home saw a wide-shot of the three contestants’ final scores on each of their screens, revealing the winner before the contestants even started answering questions, the New York Post noted.

The video starts as host Mayim Bialik was congratulating the contestants — Justin Bolsen, Maya Wright and Jackson Jones — and wishing them “good luck.”


Whoops – they showed a shot of the final scores during Mayim’s intro 🫣 #Jeopardy pic.twitter.com/OhCdGEArKl

— Lilly (@OneEclecticMom) March 9, 2023

The shot of the three contestants and their final scores was exactly the same dollar amount that viewers saw during the beginning segment of the show, with Jackson Jones winning the match at $24,000, Justin Bolsen with $13,570 and Maya Wright in last place with $3,370.

Fans of the long-time running game show took to Twitter, to express their disappointment and asked what happened.

“An inexcusable production error,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “That’s a pretty significant screwup.”

While one person tweeted, “Wow, given that this was taped months or weeks ago, you’d think they’d actually proof-view it first before putting on air,” another person wrote,”[Jeopardy] [glitch]–final scores shown when Mayim Bialik introduces contestants–even before the first question. Check the podiums at the outset. The score display areas should be blank, but there are numbers there. And those are the final scores! Major editing glitch.”

A fifth fan said that, “Anyone else notice a score [spoiler] on [Jeopardy] just now? Oops!”

“I thought it was Thursday already and that I missed something when I noticed that,” another person quipped. “But then I realized I didn’t sleep through the day and it was just an error.”

I was wondering what was happening there. That’s a pretty significant screwup.

— Ballyhoo and Bedbugs (@katem02134) March 9, 2023

“I was wondering what was happening there,” a final person tweeted.

E! News noted that the editing error only occurred in the first round of the tournament and the second round took place Thursday. So, the winner of the two-day tournament wasn’t completely revealed by the screw-up.

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