JoJo Siwa Curses At Candace Owens Over Video Questioning Lesbian Label, Dissecting ‘Cry For Help’

Dancer and LGBTQ activist JoJo Siwa told Daily Wire host Candace Owens to “respectfully back the f*** off” after Owens questioned Siwa’s claim that she is a lesbian while highlighting the teen’s bizarre behavior.

Owens argued Siwa might not be gay, but is instead clinging to the label for attention. The “Blackout” author underscored her argument by showing images of Siwa bizarrely pretending to be pregnant online. The 33-year-old said Siwa’s actions are a “cry for help,” and needs prayer and spiritual guidance to fill an emptiness inside her.

“I haven’t watched the video yet …. But if it has anything to do with your caption, respectfully back the f*** off,” Siwa captioned her retweet of the video of Owens.

I haven’t watched the video yet…. But if it has anything to do with your caption, respectfully back the fuck off.

— JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) April 7, 2023

The video was posted to a Twitter account for Owens’ podcast and captioned, “Is Jojo Siwa lying about being lesbian for attention?”

“I don’t believe JoJo Siwa is a lesbian, by the way. I do want to state that very clearly,” Owens said in the video. “I do believe she’s desperate for attention.”

Owens then watched a video clip of Siwa from last year claiming she knew she was gay after three incidents; one of them being a date with a man who Siwa says wanted to have sex with her. Siwa, 18 at the time of her video, said she was “grossed out by the thought of it” and knew “women were my gig.”

Owens found the video totally unconvincing and argued that going on a bad date with a man doesn’t mean you don’t like men. “Maybe I’m a lesbian, I’ve been on some bad dates,” she quipped.

The conservative then highlighted that Siwa recently received backlash for apparently faking a pregnancy online.


“I know her brand is happy and sparkly … she wears scrunchies and bows; children like to watch her because she’s ecstatic all the time,” Owens said of Siwa. “People who you see that put on an appearance of happiness all the time are usually people who are suffering the most, internally. And there’s no question to me that what we have observed from her over the last few years has been one giant cry for help.”

“She did this for attention,” she continued. “I don’t believe she’s a lesbian no more than I believe Demi Lovato is a lesbian.”

Owens said Lovato is another person who “went on a long cry for help.” The former Disney star in 2021 claimed she was “non-binary” and used “they/them” pronouns. Last year, she changed her mind again and now uses standard female pronouns.

“These people are suffering on the inside, they’re completely empty on the inside,” Owens asserted. “What they really need is spiritual growth and development and God.”

Siwa needs to “put down the camera and go one a soul-search,” Owens added. “I can see a person when they’re suffering, and that’s exactly what JoJo is. So, prayers for JoJo Siwa.”

Is Jojo Siwa lying about being lesbian for attention?

— Candace Owens Podcast (@candaceowenspod) April 4, 2023

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