Judge Judy Says Justin Bieber Was ‘Scared To Death’ Of Her When They Were Neighbors

Judge Judy Says Justin Bieber Was ‘Scared To Death’ Of Her When They Were Neighbors

Judge Judy claims pop singer Justin Bieber was frightened of her when the two were neighbors several years ago.

“He’s scared to death of me,” TV personality Judy Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, told “Access Hollywood.” 

“There was a period of time before he grew up – when he was foolish, and doing foolish things,” she continued.

Sheindlin is known for starring in the popular courtroom TV series “Judge Judy,” which shows her presiding over real-life small-claims cases inside a televised courtroom. The 80-year-old judge was known for her tough, no-nonsense demeanor in court.

Judge Judy said Bieber went as far as having his security team tell the pop star when she was coming and going so he could avoid seeing her outside.

“I must have said something about it, and then, I understood that he was paying the front door people to let them know when I was there, coming and going, so he wouldn’t have to bump into me,” she told the outlet.

Sheindlin had previously called out Bieber’s antics following his DUI arrest in 2014. 

“Being a celebrity is a gift,” the TV personality told CBS Los Angeles at the time. “You could either treat it reverently or you could make a fool out of yourself. And he’s doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself.”

She went on to say how wasteful it was to see someone like Bieber wasting his fame and talent.

“I think it’s sad. And nobody’s going to remember that he was a marginal singer. But they’re going to remember a young kid who had a chance to have it all and who is blowing it by acting like a fool.”

Bieber later apologized for his actions and has since leaned into his Christian faith and stayed out of trouble. He married Hailey Bieber in 2018 and is now living a quieter life.

“7 years ago today I got was arrested, not my finest hour,” the “Never Say Never” composer shared in a 2021 Instagram post. “Not proud of where I was at in my life. I was hurting, unhappy, confused, angry, mislead, misunderstood and angry at God.”

“All this to say God has brought me a long way,” he continued. “From then til now I do realize something.. God was as close to me then as he is right now. My encouragement to you is to let your past be a reminder of how far God has brought you. Don’t allow shame to ruin your ‘today’ let the forgiveness of Jesus take over and watch your life blossom into all that God has designed you to be.”