‘Just So Sad’: Jason Momoa Shaves Long Hair So People Will Stop Using Plastic Bottles

‘Just So Sad’: Jason Momoa Shaves Long Hair So People Will Stop Using Plastic Bottles

Hollywood actor Jason Momoa just shaved off his signature long mane all in the hopes of influencing people to use fewer single-use plastic items.

The 43-year-old “Aquaman” star revealed the reason for his dramatic haircut by posting a video on Instagram earlier this week. “Aloha, everyone,” he said. “Hand me those braids.”


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The actor held up two long pieces of cut braided hair while getting the rest shorn down to the scalp.  

“Shavin’ off the hair … doing it for …” he said, before pointing to his shaved head and exclaiming, “I’ve never even felt the wind right there!”

“Doing it for single-use plastics,” Momoa explained. “I’m tired of using plastic bottles, we gotta stop, plastic forks, all that s***, goes into our land, goes into our ocean.”

“I’m here in Hawaii right now, and just seeing things in our ocean, it’s just so sad,” he continued. “Please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your lives. Help me, plastic bottles are ridiculous … we’re going to keep going — oh, man. Love you guys. Aloha,” the “Dune” star concluded.

The video caption further implored social media followers to “be better at protecting our land and oceans” by eliminating single-use plastics from our lives. He railed against “plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging, utensils — all of it.”

This isn’t the first time Momoa has taken a stand against plastic. In August, he made waves by distributing aluminum bottles of purified water on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii. He did so to celebrate the airline partnering with his water company, Mananalu, People reported

The actor said the idea for the water company came to him while he was on a flight. 

“It’s a dream come true … why can’t we have aluminum?” the Hawaii native said. “There’s sparkling water, there’s sparkling beer, there’s soda, soft drinks. Why do I have to have this little single tiny water? So this is my first time being able to do this. So I’m going to make the announcement on Hawaiian Airlines … I’m excited I’m going home.”