Kanye West Responds To Viral ‘Diarrhea’ Post About Kim Kardashian, Takes Shot At Pete Davidson

Kanye West Responds To Viral ‘Diarrhea’ Post About Kim Kardashian, Takes Shot At Pete Davidson

Rapper Kanye West responded to a viral post online from late last week that appeared at first glance to be a screenshot of a post from him on Instagram targeting his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

However, the screenshot was fake, and the 45-year-old musician strongly condemned it in a post over the weekend.

The fake post, which garnered tens of thousands of retweets and hundreds of thousands of “likes” on Twitter, stated: “Kim has diarrhea a lot. Like way more than a normal person should have it.”

West responded to the fake screenshot by posting it on his Instagram account Sunday morning, writing: “This was not from me. Someone copied my style of text and wrote something not funny.”

“I know you guys gonna be disappointed but I actually didn’t write the t[w]eet that said ‘Friends wasn’t funny either’ but I wish I had,” the rapper continued. “I’d love to know who thought of that. I like to post comments cause y’all n****s is hilarious. I love funny people and I think that’s one of the reasons me and Skete could’ve never been friends.”

“Skete” is a reference to Pete Davidson, who dated Kardashian after she and West broke up.

“Comedically some of my favorites are Me, Mitch Hedberg, Anthony Jeselnik, Louis CK, Jerrod Carmichael, Deray, JP Smooth, Mase, Elon Musk, 50, Justin LaBoy, GLC, Eddie Murphy, Sakiya Sandifer, Chris Rock, Larry David, Kevin Hart (In Jumanji), and of course King David Dave Chapelle,” he continued. “I like to fight with jokes. Sometimes we gotta laugh to keep from crying even when we dealing with serious topics.”

“S*** be the funniest when it’s true,” he concluded.

The fake post came after West did take shots at Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Kardashian, on Instagram late last week and appeared to admit that pornography ruined his marriage.

West’s remarks on social media were about where his four kids with ex-wife Kim Kardashian — North West, Saint West, Chicago West (born via surrogate), and Psalm West (born via surrogate) — would attend school.

“Come and get me, I’m a man of God,” West wrote. “The father’s job is to be the bad guy some times.”

“I was driven crazy before. I’m not going crazy no more,” he continued. “It’s not up to Calabasas or Hulu where my kids go to school. I’m not the crazy one here.”

“I won’t stop until I have a say so on my kids, no matter what it legally takes,” he added.

West said in other posts that he knows women who work in adult industries who apparently have a problem with how his daughters are dressed.

He then called out Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Kardashian, for how she raised her daughters.

“Don’t let Kris make you do playboy like she made [Kylie] and Kim do,” West wrote. “Hollywood is a giant brothel. Pornography destroyed my family. I deal with the addiction. Instagram promotes it. Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago.”

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