Kim Kardashian Claims She Can ‘Squeeze’ Into Any Dress After Marilyn Monroe Dress Backlash

Kim Kardashian Claims She Can ‘Squeeze’ Into Any Dress After Marilyn Monroe Dress Backlash

Kim Kardashian said she can “squeeze” into any dress, calling herself a “shapeshifter” in a clip of her checking out Marilyn Monroe’s iconic gold sequin dress for her Met Gala appearance — for which she faced a ton of backlash.

In a clip from her family’s “The Kardashians” Hulu show, the 42-year-old reality TV star takes fans behind the scenes at her fitting for the sleeveless gown owned by Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! The Daily Mail noted in a piece published Thursday.

The late Hollywood legend famously wore the gown when she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to former President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

“The Marilyn dress is here,” the Kardashian explained to her stylist, Danielle Levi, as she pointed out the replica. “If this does not fit me, like, I can’t even try the original.”

“I’ve Googled her measurements, I’m looking at my measurements, the width of my shoulders and my body makes me like a shape shifter, I can squeeze into anything,” she added.

Kim Kardashian fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress because she’s a ‘shapeshifter’

— Page Six (@PageSix) November 3, 2022

“But no one trusted us for years,” Kardashian continued. “[Designers] would never send samples, and then once I would get to Paris and try on the samples, they would be like, ‘Oh wait, she actually fits into our stuff.’ So, I don’t know how to convince the guy who owns the original Marilyn dress that I am a shapeshifter.”

Kim also noted that the replica has stretch, while the original does not. “So I’ve got one shot… and I just f***ing ate.”

Ultimately, the replica ended up fitting her. But when it came to trying on the original, it did not.

“‘I had to try the prototype first and see if it fit, and once it fit, they sent the original,” the reality star told her sister Kourtney Kardashian. “And when I went to put it on, it wouldn’t even go up over my hips, and I just was like devastated.”

In the clip, fans see that the dress won’t go over Kim’s hips. “You know what, I’ll try everything and if I really get 10 pounds down, then we’ll try it again,” the Kardashian said.

“If they don’t let me wear the dress, then no, [I’m not going],” she added. “I wrote them like a groveling, begging email, but they were very firm.”

She’s later seen in the episode working with a trainer and talking about cutting out sugar to wear the iconic dress.

In the end, Kim did end up wearing it briefly at the Met Gala after sharing how she underwent a strict diet to lose 16 pounds in three weeks in order to wear it, drawing backlash for that as well.

Pictures later surfaced on social media reportedly showing images of the dress before and after she wore it, with reported examples of damage to the crystals and zipper. She later responded to the accusations, as The Daily Wire previously reported. Ripley’s also blasted the claims as well.

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