L.A.’s Gascón Embarrasses Himself Again With The Help Of A Very Bad Man

I’m far enough away from Los Angeles that I don’t have to worry about offending District Attorney George Gascón by “misgendering” or “deadnaming” James Tubbs, who is not only a child-molesting monster, but also a man pretending to be a woman.

Tubbs has played Gascón for a fool ever since he was busted for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in the women’s restroom of a Denny’s. At this point, it is starting to seem like Gascón enjoys being humiliated by the man called James Tubbs.

Did I mention that James Tubbs is a man?

Tubbs, who is now 27, pleaded guilty last year to grabbing the poor girl by the throat and molesting her in a locked stall until someone heard her cries for help and chased him away. Here’s the catch, and where he first out-lawyered the hapless Gascón: The crime happened on New Year’s Day in 2014, just two weeks before Tubbs turned 18. Even though he was a grown man when he got caught via DNA evidence five years later, he was a minor when he committed the crime. In George Gascón’s mind, that meant the man called James Tubbs had to be prosecuted as a juvenile.

Tubbs, who falsely began claiming he is a woman right after he got caught, was sentenced to two years in a girls’ juvenile detention center.

And now, Gascón has taken his slavish devotion to sticking up for the man called James Tubbs to yet another level of identity idiocy. According to Fox News, he suspended one of his own prosecutors for referring to Tubbs as a man and using his given name instead of “Hannah,” the name James Tubbs likes to call himself as part of his new fake identity as a woman.

You would think Gascón would reserve his compassion for victims of crimes, not men like Tubbs who perpetrate them. Tubbs even got caught rubbing Gascón’s nose in his own stupidity last year, when Fox News reporter Bill Melugin obtained a recording of him boasting in a phone call to his father about getting a slap on the wrist.

“So now they’re going to put me with other trannies that have seen their cases like mine or with one tranny like me that has a case like mine,” Tubbs laughed in the recorded call. “So when you come to court, make sure you address me as her.”

James Tubbs is a man, and a very bad man. Since his guilty plea in the attack of a child in a women’s restroom, he has also been accused of beating a fellow man to death with a rock and dumping his body in a river. Now he is facing a murder charge and is being held in the Kern County Jail, where sensible officials properly list him as “James Edward Tubbs.”

Believe it or not, Gascón is an Army veteran, a former police chief, and a onetime Republican. Somewhere along the way, perhaps while serving as San Francisco’s district attorney, he transitioned into an embarrassingly woke, criminal-coddling caricature. He has survived multiple recall efforts, and knowing California, has a limitless political future.

James Tubbs is a man. George Gascón ought to start acting like one again.

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