Lady Gaga Stops To Help Photographer Who Stumbles, Falls On Red Carpet During 2023 Oscars

Recording artist Lady Gaga rushed to help a photographer who had fallen as she was walking the red carpet at the 95th Annual Academy Awards.

The photographer was apparently trying to photograph Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, when he lost his balance and fell over. The “Bad Romance” singer gasped and immediately rushed over to help, though Page Six reported that he was able to quickly stand up on his own.

Lady Gaga stops to help photographer who fell at the #Oscars.

— Pop Base (@PopBase) March 13, 2023

The 36-year-old singer was nominated for Best Original Song for “Hold My Hand,” from “Top Gun: Maverick,” but ultimately lost to “Naatu Naatu” from “RRR.” Gaga also sang the ballad onstage at The Oscars, stripping off her makeup and changing out of her ballgown to put on ripped jeans and a shirt to perform.

This isn’t the first time Gaga made headlines for being kind. At last year’s Academy Awards, the performing artist was a co-presenter alongside Liza Minelli and gently helped her read the teleprompter and held her hand when she faltered, but not in a patronizing manner.

“You see that? The public, they love you,” Gaga told the 76-year-old actress when the crowd applauded to show their support.

Minnelli struggled through her lines several, and each time she did, Gaga assisted her without talking over her, doing a great job at making it seem like it was all part of the script.

During a hot mic moment, Gaga leaned over and whispered to Minnelli, “I got you,” to which Minnelli replied: “I know, thank you.”

“This is like a lesson in how to facilitate older people while honoring who they are. What a class act by @ladygaga with legend Liza Minnelli. The conferred whispers of ‘I gotcha’ ‘I know’ picked up by the mikes make it especially touching,” Irish journalist Naomi O’Leary wrote at the time.

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