‘Letters To Trump’: Former President To Publish Private Notes He Got From Oprah, Other Celebs

Former President Donald Trump is planning to publish a new book revealing the personal correspondence he’s received over the years from celebrities and world leaders.

Trump’s book, titled simply “Letters to Trump,” will include 150 notes from a wide range of well-known personalities ranging from popular television host Oprah Winfrey to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — and alongside each letter, the former president will include his own commentary about the letter and the sender.

According to a report from Axios, the 150 letters slated to appear in the book include missives from “Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Mario Cuomo, Arnold Palmer, Jay Leno, Liza Minnelli, Regis Philbin” and a number of others. Philbin, the outlet noted, opened his letter with, “My Dear Trumpster.”

The book will feature photos of each letter — along with transcripts to go along with the ones where handwriting is difficult to read.

One letter that is certain to make the cut — written by Winfrey in 2000 — includes the television host’s lament that she and Trump are not running for office as a team.

Trump had sent the television magnate an excerpt from his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve,” in which he had claimed that she would certainly be his “first choice for vice president” if he were ever to run.

“Americans respect and admire Oprah for her intelligence and caring,” Trump wrote in the book, adding that he’d look for someone with those same qualities if she refused or were unavailable.

“Too bad we’re not running for office. What a team!” Oprah replied at the time, saying that she had been brought to tears by the way he had spoken of her — but Trump noted in his new book that she had changed her tune upon learning that he intended to seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.


“Sadly, once I announced for President, she never spoke to me again,” he wrote, adding that he still believed Winfrey to be an “amazing” person.

The book, scheduled for release on April 25, 2023, has a price tag of $99. Winning Team Publishing is handling the release.

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