Liberal Country Star Says She’s Not ‘Comfortable Going’ To CMA Awards After Attacking Brittany Aldean Over Trans Post

Liberal Country Star Says She’s Not ‘Comfortable Going’ To CMA Awards After Attacking Brittany Aldean Over Trans Post

Liberal country star Maren Morris said that she’s skipping this year’s CMA Awards because she’s not “comfortable going” after she attacked singer Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, over a post about transgenderism.

During the 32-year-old country singer’s interview with the Los Angeles Times, Morris was asked if she had thought about what it will be like when she sees Jason and Brittany at the Country Music Association Awards in November following their comments. Morris has been nominated for a CMA Award for album of the year.

“Honestly, I haven’t decided if I’m gonna go,” the “Rich” hitmaker replied. “I’m very honored that my record is nominated. But I don’t know if I feel [at] home there right now.”

“So many people I love will be in that room, and maybe I’ll make a game-time decision and go,” she added. “But as of right now, I don’t feel comfortable going.”

At one point, the “My Church” hitmaker talked about how there’s “two country musics” right now.

Maren Morris: ‘I Don’t Feel Comfortable’ Going to CMA Awards After Brittany and Jason Aldean’s Transphobic Posts

— Variety (@Variety) September 20, 2022

“I think there are people in country music that want it to be niche,” Morris explained. “They don’t want it to expand. They don’t care about it becoming more inclusive. It’s theirs, and everyone else is an other, or woke, or whatever.”

The comments come after Morris attacked Brittany Aldean over a reel she shared on Instagram in promotion of her new clothing line, “Don’t Tread On Our Kids.”

“I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase,” Brittany captioned her post. “I love this girly life.”

Aldean responded to his wife’s post by writing in the comments, “Lmao!! I’m glad they didn’t too, cause you and I wouldn’t have worked out.”

Brittany then came under attack by several stars, including Morris, who suggested that the singer’s wife keep her mouth shut, as previously reported.

“It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human?” Maren tweeted. “Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Brittany released a long statement explaining, “Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care’ is one of the worst evils.” The entirety of her statement can be read here. She later posted a message on social media that her words were “taken out of context.”

The 2022 CMA Awards are scheduled to take place Nov. 9.

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