Love It: Leftist ‘Expert’ On ‘Extremism’ Gets Destroyed By Own Words

Today, you need to see a clip of Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-NC) who had a moment in a congressional hearing that must be watched.

You guys know I love a good congressional hearing.

I took part in a few and it’s always all a farce. When Democrats have these hearings, it seems they just accuse everybody and everything of white supremacy. It seems the main purpose for Democrats is to use these hearings to constantly keep the public fearful of extremism.

Well, sometimes there are moments in these hearings that become a part of C-SPAN history. Mace had one such moment when she confronted a trans activist who was testifying on behalf of the Democrats.

Mace is obviously a Republican, the activist was Alejandra Caraballo. The hearing was held by the House Oversight Committee, and the session was on — you guessed it — ‘extremist threats.’

Of course, today everything is ‘extreme’ and everything is ‘threatening.’

And fortunately, Democrats invited a trans woman, who is also a clinical instructor at Harvard Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic, to speak at the meeting. The title of her talk was “Confronting White Supremacy (Part VII): The Evolution of Anti-Democratic Extremist Groups and the Ongoing Threat to Democracy.”

Well, that’s an interesting person for Democrats to choose to testify. They must have thought, ‘Oh, Caraballo went to Harvard Law … must be somebody who can talk to us about the evolution of extremism.’

Caraballo did talk a lot about online threats and so guess what Mace did? She used Caraballo’s own tweets to completely dismantle the Left. Here’s how it was reported by The Daily Wire:

Mace asked all the witnesses called by the Democrat-controlled committee if rhetoric on social media was a problem or a threat to U.S. democracy. All the witnesses answered, “yes.”

Mace then asked if rhetoric targeting officials with violence presented a threat to U.S. democracy. Again, all the witnesses responded, “yes.”

Mace then pulled up old tweets from Caraballo after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in which Caraballo wrote highly inflammatory remarks.

“The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again,” Caraballo tweeted. “It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.”

“I have a question — yes or no,” Mace asked, “Do you believe your rhetoric is a threat to democracy when you’re calling to accost a branch of government, the Supreme Court?”

“I don’t believe that’s a correct characterization of my statements,” Caraballo claimed.

“Did you not tweet that?” Mace asked. “That you thought Supreme Court justices should be accosted?”

You can watch it here:

Watch @RepNancyMace destroy trans activist Alejandra Caraballo with “her” own tweets 🔥🔥

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) December 13, 2022

That is so good.

“I don’t believe that that is a fair characterization of my words,” said Caraballo.

Yeah, it is a “fair characterization” — because they are your words. Caraballo had actually deleted all those tweets before the meeting, but somebody in Mace’s office preserved them.

Which, as a reminder, you can’t really delete stuff on the Internet.

This exchange is also a reminder that nobody is more violent than the far Left. When we talk about Antifa or those involved in the BLM riots —we are talking about people on the extreme Left that believe that if they do not get what they want, then violence is called for as a totally appropriate response.

So Caraballo is sitting here testifying that the rise of extremism is happening in large part due to people online who are being incited by conservatives.

Yet, Caraballo was telling followers on Twitter to harass and “accost” SCOTUS justices in public?

What a sick individual.

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