Man Accused Of Forcing Young Children To Eat Their Own Feces, Drink Urine

Man Accused Of Forcing Young Children To Eat Their Own Feces, Drink Urine

In a shocking, disturbing accusation, a Connecticut man has been accused of forcing children, ages 5 to 11, to eat their own feces and drink their own urine as punishment, while also forcing some of the children to hit others with a baseball bat that had thumb tacks attached to it.

A prior investigation had found that Kevin Grant, 33, of Naugatuck, allegedly forced his stepson to sleep in a closet for months and drink hot sauce until he threw up, the New York Post reported.

The alleged foster mother of the four juveniles stated in the arrest warrant she was taking two of the children from the YMCA to McDonald’s when “the radio mentioned a little boy getting stitches,” which prompted one of the children to cry and the other to say, “We need to tell (name redacted) what really happened.”

The second child, referred to as JV2, a boy, admitted that they had pushed one of the other children into the table, then blamed it on the fourth child. Grant had punished the fourth child, referred to as JV4, also a boy, by beating him with a belt to the point he could not walk, then thrown him into a closet, the second child stated.

JV4, still in the closet, had to defecate, and Grant gave him a box. After the child defecated in the box, Grant forced the other three children to watch the boy eat his own feces, JV2 claimed, a claim that was echoed by JV1, a girl, later.

When the children tried to sneak the closeted boy some milk, Grant caught them and beat the second child, who recalled he “thought he was going to die.” JV2 stated Grant then pulled out the boy from the closet and told them to beat the boy from the closet with the baseball bat with the thumbtacks while Grant’s wife, Kaitlin Baptiste, laughed.

Grant followed by putting firecrackers in the closeted boy’s pants and set them off while he and Baptiste laughed, JV2 said.

When JV2 said Grant had often struck him with the baseball bat, police asked if anyone had noticed. The boy answered no one did because it was during the COVID pandemic and there was no school. When asked what was the worst thing that had happened to him he replied being made to sleep outside on the grass wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, where mosquitos bit him, adding it was so cold he could not sleep.

“JV2 pointed all the boys names out that were on the list and stated that they were the only ones to get hit because Kevin stated he could not hit girls,” the arrest warrant stated.

Grant has been charged with reckless endangerment, risk of injury to a child, and intentional cruelty to persons, and arrested on a $50,000 bond.