Man In Reflective Vest And Clown Wig Storms Dairy Queen To Restore ‘President King’ Trump

Man In Reflective Vest And Clown Wig Storms Dairy Queen To Restore ‘President King’ Trump

A man wearing a reflective vest and a rainbow-colored clown wig stormed a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania on Saturday, carrying a loaded gun and telling police that he was working “undercover” and planned to “restore Trump to president king of the United States.”

According to the Delmont police, the Westmoreland County man is now facing several charges after also threatening to “kill all Democrats” before he was apprehended.

Jan Stawovy, 61, reportedly carried a loaded gun into the Dairy Queen on State Route 66 in Delmont on Saturday, wearing a rainbow clown wig and a yellow safety vest.

One person initially reported seeing an erratic driver — who then left his vehicle with a gun in his hand — and quickly called police, reporting that he was taking a gun into Dairy Queen. Within a minute, Delmont Police Officer Gregory Stull arrived on the scene and was able to apprehend Stawovy without incident as he left the establishment.

A man who walked into a Demont, PA Dairy Queen, wearing a vest, rainbow wig, and a loaded firearm was arrested. He said he was “working to restore Trump as President King of the US” and was going to “kill Democrats and liberals.”

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) September 14, 2022

Officer Stull took Stawovy into custody, after which police searched him and found both a loaded .40 caliber handgun and additional ammunition. A search of Stawovy’s vehicle, which came after investigators obtained a search warrant, netted two more firearms and another 62 rounds of ammunition.

An interview with the suspect proved interesting as well, as Stawovy reportedly insisted that he was working “undercover” to help reinstate former President Donald Trump to the White House.

Explaining that he planned to “restore Trump to president king of the United States,” Stawovy added that he carried the weapons in order to “kill Democrats and liberals” and to provide protection for himself from “drug traffickers.”

Further investigation into Stawovy’s recent behavior led officers to concerning posts on social media – calling for “civil war,” among other things — and reports that he had been asked not to return to at least two churches he had visited in recent months.

Barren Run United Methodist Church reportedly sent Stawovy a letter last Friday noting that he had shown up at the church wearing a clown costume, scaring those in attendance and suggesting that he seek professional help. Stawovy acknowledged receipt of the letter, but called it a “love letter.”

Stawovy is in custody, awaiting preliminary arraignment for several charges, including terroristic threats, carrying without a license, person not to possess/use firearms and disorderly conduct.