Marianne Williamson Says Her 2024 Campaign Isn’t Against Joe Biden: ‘I See This Campaign As Challenging A System’

Democratic 2024 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said Sunday that her primary campaign is not about taking on President Joe Biden, but a rigged system.

“I see this campaign as challenging a system,” she said. “I have no interest in taking potshots on any person, let alone to this president. He’s a nice man.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Williamson said she’s targeting the political establishment, especially within the Democratic Party. She officially announced her bid to unseat Biden on Saturday.

“I want to be president because this country needs to make an economic U-turn,” Williamson said. “And the system that effectuates and perpetuates that kind of income and opportunity inequality is not changing itself. It tweaks itself every once in a while. There’s some incremental change. But the devastation, the ubiquitous economic despair and human devastation that is produced by this sociopathic economic system is not changing. And it’s not going to change if we continue to elect the same-old, same-old.”

Williamson dismissed claims that she is an unserious candidate with extremely long odds to beat Biden or any other leading candidate. She said those allegations were perpetuated by “the system,” which promotes the idea that only entrenched politicians should be considered serious candidates for higher office despite many of them being part of the problem.

“I believe the American people should be offered an agenda for genuine, fundamental economic reform,” she added. “And it should be the voters who decide. It should not be the DNC that decides. It should be the voters who decide. That is what a democracy is.”

EXCLUSIVE: Marianne Williamson sits down with @JonKarl as she launches her 2024 primary challenge to Pres. Biden, says she’s running to “disrupt” the political system.

“I want to be president because this country needs to make an economic U-turn.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) March 5, 2023

Williamson, an author, lecturer, and self-help guru, is launching her second bid for the presidency. She gained national attention on the debate stage during the 2020 Democratic primary but bowed out of the race before voting started. She endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Some fellow Democrats mocked Williamson after announcing her 2024 campaign.


“The media needs to stop legitimizing Marianne Williamson’s campaign for President,” leftist activist Aaron Parnas wrote in a now-deleted tweet, according to Fox News. “President Biden has been one of the most revolutionary Presidents in recent history and has the full support of Democrats across America. There is no legitimate primary. Biden is our nominee.”

Santiago Mayer, the founder and executive director of Voters of Tomorrow, tweeted: “Let’s be clear: Marianne Williamson is a joke. She’s a fundamentally unserious candidate running as a stunt to sell her books.”

Left-wing commentator Lindy Li said on MSNBC: “The best way to handle her is to not address her at all.”

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