Matt Walsh Addresses Trans Reality Star Jazz Jennings: ‘You Have Been Fed Lies’

Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh directly addressed transgender reality TV star Jazz Jennings, refuting claims made in a video Jennings posted on Instagram.

Jennings shared two videos to the social media platform to highlight certain clips from conservative commentators, including Walsh, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, podcast host Candace Owens, and others. Walsh responded to the reality star with answers to some of the questions posed in the videos.

He shared the clip to Twitter with the caption, “A message to Jazz Jennings.”

A message to Jazz Jennings

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) April 27, 2023

“Like, why do you care?” Jennings said in the original reply. “Let us just be, let us be happy, let us be ourselves. We’re not hurting anyone, you know? We need to celebrate each other and our diversity.”

Jennings also repeated the common refrain that the trans community is “under attack” and that Walsh’s commentary makes it clear “that there are people out there who want to hurt” transgender people and see them “be miserable.”

“I was going to respond to this just sort of in general terms, but I think instead I’d like to be more direct. Jazz has addressed me directly, asking some questions, and I’d like to answer them,” Walsh began in his reply.

“Jazz, first of all, I understand why you’re frustrated that people are talking about you and, from your perspective, involving themselves in your private life,” he said. “You are absolutely right that your conversation with your mother that we saw there about your own deep emotional and psychological pains should not have been a public spectacle. I never should have seen that or heard it. Nobody should have.”

Walsh went on to point out how Jennings’ mother invited cameras into their family life long before the “I Am Jazz” star could have consented to it. He mentioned how the reality star appeared on “20/20” and met with Oprah Winfrey at a young age.  


“[Your mom] was parading you around as a mascot for transgenderism,” Walsh said, mentioning how when he was that age he was watching cartoons and playing outside. “I wish that you had a childhood like that… But your mom took that away from you,” he said.

Walsh argued that even if children could be transgender and change genders, it would still be wrong to turn them into a “public exhibition” for fame and money, which he accused Jennings’ parents of doing.

“You also accuse me of trying to hurt you and make you miserable,” Walsh said in the clip. “I don’t. I’m not out to hurt you. I see that you are hurt; you said it yourself. You don’t feel like yourself. And you don’t feel like yourself because you have been led since childhood down a path of self-rejection.”

“You said that everyone deserves to be their authentic self – I could not possibly agree more. ‘Deserve’ is an apt choice of words, in fact, in this case. Every child deserves to be shown the way towards truth and their own true selves. Every child deserves to grow up in the light surrounded by adults who are sources of clarity and guidance for them. You didn’t have that, and you still don’t.”

“You have been fed lies,” Walsh says in the address to Jennings. “One lie after another, and they are the worst kinds of lies. They are lies that deprive you of the recognition of your true self. This is the deepest form of abuse.” 

“Nobody in your life will tell you the truth. Nobody in your life has ever told you the truth,” he said. “They have never been honest with you about anything.” 

Walsh concluded by saying the people in Jennings’ life “diagnosed” and “labeled” the reality star.

“They introduced horrific confusion into your life, and then they profited off of that confusion. They exploited you.”

He said they want Jennings to live a lie forever because otherwise it would “embarrass” them. “You deserve the truth, and I’m telling it to you,” Walsh said. “Even if it hurts to hear it.”

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