Matt Walsh Blasts Time Magazine For Using Made-Up Pronouns, Promoting Sexually Explicit Children’s Literature

Matt Walsh Blasts Time Magazine For Using Made-Up Pronouns, Promoting Sexually Explicit Children’s Literature

Bestselling children’s author and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh ripped into Time Magazine after the news site published an article featuring LGBTQ children’s cartoonist and writer Maia Kobabe.

Time’s interview piece with Kobabe, the writer of the sexually explicit children’s book “Gender Queer,” referred to the biological woman by made-up pronouns “e/em/eir.” During Thursday’s episode of “The Matt Walsh Show,” the host mocked Time’s decision to go along with Kobabe’s preferred pronouns, and discussed the deeper issues at stake with the promotion of the controversial author’s memoir.

“What does it mean to be an e-em-eir? What is that?” Walsh asked. “Nobody can tell us. Nobody can explain it because it’s simply nonsense. … It is a made up word which symbolizes nothing. Nothing, that is, other than the overwhelming narcissism of the individual who uses it.”

“That’s what all of these pronouns really mean,” he added.

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— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 1, 2022

Kobabe’s “Gender Queer” memoir caused outrage among parents and conservative lawmakers because it features sexually explicit topics and what some call pornographic illustrations. The memoir is aimed at children aged 12 to 18 and won multiple awards in 2020.

On Tuesday, a lawsuit seeking to restrict children’s access to Kobabe’s book was dismissed in a Virginia court.

Walsh described one example from the memoir that tells of a conversation the author has about vaginal discharge. The book then illustrates the author’s finger covered in the discharge, Walsh said.

“They’re putting these in schools for little kids to read and what I just described to you is one of the less graphic moments of the book,” the Daily Wire host remarked, adding, “And when normal, decent people object to this sort of content being used to educate children, the Left cries out in horror, claiming censorship and fascism.”

He then called on his listeners to stand up to the woke leftists who insist on sexually explicit material being available to children, arguing that “there is no neutral ground anymore.”

“Are you going to tolerate literal pornography being taught as literature to children in school, or are you going to finally draw the line and say, ‘no more, I’ve had enough. This is it’?” asked Walsh.