Meghan Markle’s Podcast Blasted As ‘Preposterous,’ ‘Self-Aggrandising,’ And So Much More

Meghan Markle’s Podcast Blasted As ‘Preposterous,’ ‘Self-Aggrandising,’ And So Much More

Meghan Markle’s long-awaited Spotify show finally launched Monday, and critics have blasted it as “preposterous,” “self-aggrandizing,” and so much more.

In the first episode of Markle’s “Archetypes,” she interviewed tennis superstar Serena Williams in an episode titled, “The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams.” But many critics argued the show was more about the Duchess of Sussex finding another “way she can talk about herself” than anything else.

“The podcast is an interview with this inspirational sporting figure in name only,” Celia Walden of The Telegraph wrote. “If the rest of the season is anything like the premiere, what we’re really going to be listening into week after week is Meghan interviewing herself.”

Meghan Markle’s first Archetypes podcast SLAMMED by critics

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) August 24, 2022

“Even the anecdote about how Meghan first met her supposed interviewee — at a 2010 Super Bowl party — is somehow turned into self-aggrandisement,” she added. “Spotting Serena heading towards someone, Meghan wondered who on earth could have sparked this special woman’s interest, and — oh, my goodness! — it was her.”

“Every woman has had a girlfriend like Meghan: the one who turns every confidence back to them and hijacks every distressing anecdote with one of their own — only theirs is longer drawn-out, more distressing,” Walden continued.

James Marriott with The Times concurred that the former “Suits” actress’ podcast is “almost entirely preposterous.”

“The podcast is a tastefully soundtracked parade of banalities, absurdities and self-aggrandising Californian platitudes,” Marriott wrote. “The effect of all the tinkly music and vapid conversation is to make you feel you’ve been locked in the relaxation room of a wellness spa with an unusually self-involved yoga instructor.”

The Spectator’s columnist Steerpike wrote that Markle’s first show isn’t really about Williams at all and is in fact a show “all about Meghan, since it takes 11 minutes for Serena to barely get a word in edgeways.”

“It’s hard to believe that it took 28 people, including eight executive producers, to make the episode — plus Meghan herself, who is also listed as an ‘executive producer’ in the credits,” Steerpike added.

The Times’ Hilary Rose went a bit further than the rest, stating that instead of listening to the 57 minutes and 28 seconds of “Markle’s syrupy California drawl,” she should have beaten herself “unconscious an hour ago with a copy of ‘Finding Freedom.’”

“It seems to be an allegory of all the many ways in which she, a fierce, strong, brave woman was wronged and traduced in the ten minutes she lived in the UK and was fêted as the best thing to happen to the royal family in years,” Rose added. “Her podcast is pure, narcissistic gibberish and next week she’s ‘in conversation’ with Mariah Carey. Shoot me now.”

Taking a look on Twitter, many people felt the same way.

🤣🤣 It’s not your ambition we dislike, Princess Pinocchio – it’s the vile way you trash the Royal Family whilst simultaneously exploiting your royal status for millions of dollars as with this podcast.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) August 23, 2022

Meghan Markle, taking a rare break from attacking the Royal Family and trying to destroy the British Monarchy, focusing instead on her favourite subject, herself.

— Nile Gardiner (@NileGardiner) August 24, 2022

The fact that Meghan Markle is moaning that her ambition was frowned upon marrying into the royal family once again proves how out of touch she is with it’s purpose,the monarchy is NOT about personal ambition to achieve her own goals,it’s about duty and service

— Jordan (@Jordan43572657) August 24, 2022

Meghan Markle’s podcast is getting dragged and Meghan is being called a liar for the fire story. Could this be karma for her nasty PR games against Prince William? Change your ways Meghan.

— Verdad (@marinaverdadera) August 23, 2022