Megyn Kelly Destroys ESPN For Including Lia Thomas In Women’s History Month, Takes Down Kamala Harris

Megyn Kelly destroyed ESPN for including biological male trans swimmer Lia Thomas in its women’s history month segment and took down Kamala Harris for ignoring white women and Republican ones in her tribute to females.

During the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, the host was speaking to guests Amala Ekpunobi and Evita Duffy-Alfonso about the sports network including Thomas in a tribute titled, “Celebrating Women’s History Month.”

In the piece, the network gushed about the progress Thomas made going from competing against men to competing against women.


— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) March 26, 2023

“We’ve gone too far, Amala,” Kelly said. “They want tolerance. We want tolerance. We want tolerance for our spaces and our awards and our sports.”


“Lia Thomas has got severe mental issues if you read The Daily Wire piece,” she added, noting DW’s report about what she called Thomas’ “weird fetishes,” which the swimmer has yet to address.

“The fact that they are now….asking us to celebrate Lia Thomas as one of the women we should be stopping to pause and celebrate on women’s month,” Kelly continued. “They’ve gone too far.”

Duffy-Alfonso said “ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this agenda on young people and all of their viewers.”

Earlier, the former Fox News Host slammed Vice President Harris who she said completely ignored all the firsts women who happen to be Republicans had in her “weird video” Harris tweeted about women being the backbone of our democracy for her Women’s History Month tribute.


“If you were a Republican who’d achieved anything, you were f***ing gone,” Kelly said, before apologizing for swearing. “However, sadly Kamala Harris forgot some important women in her tribute.”

The host said Harris forgot to mention people like Democrat Geraldine Ferraro who was the first woman to receive a nomination from her party and to “wind up on the presidential ticket.”

Kelly suggested Harris ignored her just so she could include Hillary Clinton and asked Kamala left Ferraro out so the VP could also talk about herself.

“You wanted to talk about yourself being the first to create history and the vice presidential role?” the podcast host said. “It wasn’t you… Yes, to win, but not to get the nomination. Geraldine did and then Sarah Palin way before you did, Kamala. You were the first to win. But it wasn’t Hillary, that’s for sure.”

“Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman, first woman to ever sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, ignored,” she added. “Sonia Sotomayor she gets a shout out, why? First Latino woman. So being a woman doesn’t matter in Women’s History Month.”

“You have to have an extra you see,” Kelly continued. “You don’t count if you are just a white woman you gotta have an extra to make Kamala Harris tribute video to women.”

Her guest Ekpunobi noted one of the extras you clearly have to get accolades during women’s history month from this administration “is a penis.”

“So I think we should also acknowledge that during their [2023 International] Women’s Courage Awards, this administration gave an award to a biological male as a woman who symbolizes courage,” Amala said.

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