Megyn Kelly Destroys Meghan Markle’s Accomplishments After Learning She’s Getting A 2023 Women of Vision Award

Megyn Kelly absolutely destroyed Meghan Markle’s accomplishments after learning she’s going to be the recipient of the 2023 Women of Vision Award.

The host of the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast made it clear that news that the Duchess of Sussex was getting the vision award was more than ridiculous.

“Was the vision glomming onto Prince Harry’s fame, his family’s stature & hurling about baseless racism claims against everyone who helped her?” Kelly tweeted to her two million plus followers on Tuesday.

“[Because] yes!” she added, along with sharing sarcastically the hashtags “nailed it” and “visionary.”

The former Fox News host’s post included a tweet from the New York Post with a headline that read, “Gloria Steinem to present Meghan Markle with 2023 Women of Vision award.”

Kelly’s comments stem from claims the former “Suits” actress made during her tell-all interview on CBS with Oprah Winfrey. During the interview, Markle accused the royal family of racism, something that was later proven to be a lie, which Kelly noted in a prior brutal takedown of the many claims of victimhood by the duchess.

“Meghan Markle lies regularly, more than most people, about a lot,” Kelly explained previously, as she listed several claims the royal made during her Winfrey interview. “Those included that Markle and Harry secretly got married before their royal wedding, which they didn’t, and that her baby wasn’t going to be a prince because of his race, which turned out to be wrong, too.”

Reading through the comments on the Post tweet there was not one person who thought Markle should’ve been given the award, with many having similar thoughts as the podcast host.

“For a woman of vision, can she see how much everyone hates her?” one person wrote.

Another person wrote, “They [Steinem, Markle] have the same vision.  It’s grifting social causes for [money].”

While another person tweeted, “Fitting, Gloria’s entire life work was making men pay for whatever she wanted or owed.  Meghan will feel right at ease.”

Another person used the clip from the recent “South Park” episode that mocked Markle and Prince Harry’s apparent thirst for attention even while demanding “priva-sah.”

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