Michigan Voters Consider Next Step In Pro-Abortion Extremism: Sterilization Without Parental Consent

Michigan Voters Consider Next Step In Pro-Abortion Extremism: Sterilization Without Parental Consent

Supporters of abortion rights want voters to think the 2022 election will be about “restoring Roe v. Wade.” However, they are stealthily trying to pass radical abortion policies into state constitutions under the guise of “restoring Roe” — policies that would make the United States the most pro-abortion country in the world.

How radical is this push for abortion rights this year? Well, in Michigan, Proposal 3 seeks to amend the state Constitution to create an unlimited and unregulated right to abortion for all ages. If passed, Proposal 3 will repeal parental consent for abortions, allow for abortion up to the moment of birth, and allow a school counselor to take a child for an abortion without their parents knowing.

This constitutional amendment, written by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, creates not only a constitutional right to abortion for minors but also creates a fundamental right to sterilization. The word “sterilization” is quietly placed into this proposal without any definition or explanation. Undoubtedly, this would include a right to be sterilized to align with one’s gender identity. When the amendment’s authors use the terms “pregnant individual” and “individual right” instead of “pregnant woman” and “every adult,” we should ask why? They could have worded it to exclude children, but they chose not to. In fact, the supporters of the proposal have admitted that the state has put up ‘substantial barriers’ to bodily autonomy for children.

It seems clear this extreme amendment was never about restoring access to abortion, but was intended to permanently and irrevocably change Michigan’s constitution to write parents out of their children’s lives. Currently, minors seeking abortions or chemical or surgical sterilization are required to have parental consent. No matter your views on the transgender movement and gender reassignment, there should hardly be a soul on this planet who thinks abortion or gender reassignment for a 12-year-old girl, orchestrated by some gender-theory advocate, without parental involvement, is a world we should strive for. 

Yet this is the abortion industry’s new game plan. They’re using the fall of Roe v. Wade to emotionally blind voters into spreading radical abortion extremism from state to state. No longer is the goal for abortion to be safe, legal, and rare. Instead, it is on-demand, at any time, with no restrictions. An abortion free-for-all isn’t enough. Now, they want access to the most intimate aspects of your child’s life, including their identity, their worldview, and their body. If Planned Parenthood succeeds, soon parents will be forced to helplessly look on as their children are put in danger by the radical industries that prey on them for profit. 

Proponents of Proposal 3 will claim we are exaggerating. But the truth is that they could have written a proposal that specified these far-reaching “rights” were just for adults. They could have written a proposal that allows abortion to have some restrictions. They could have crafted a moderate solution to a controversial issue.

Instead, they took a wish list from the most radical and extreme organizations on the far left, financed it with out-of-state money, and now hope to sneak unlimited abortion and transgender ideology past voters in Michigan. These are the 350 words they chose, words that will have dire consequences for women and children.

Proponents of Proposal 3 have no rebuttal to these claims except to say we’ll have to see how the courts work these issues out. They may as well adopt the ole’, “Pass it, and then you’ll find out what’s in it.” Even proponents of Proposal 3 might not know the full impact this amendment text will have on our state; we haven’t even fully thought through the mess criminal defense attorneys will make with the loose language of this proposal. But there is no doubt that the consequences, including abortion, permanent gender-altering drugs and surgeries, and manipulation of children for decades, will be extreme.

This abortion extremism is starting in Michigan in 2022, but if it succeeds, it is coming to states like Ohio, Texas, Florida, and more soon. 

Michigan voters have a responsibility to protect women and children from the dangerous consequences of Proposal 3 and protect our nation from blatant government overreach that strips parents of their rights to be involved in the life-altering decisions of their children. Additionally, more than 80% of Americans oppose late-term abortion. They oppose abortion as a form of birth control. This extreme amendment would permanently enshrine both in Michigan’s constitution. 

Christen Pollo is the spokeswoman for Citizens to Support MI Women & Children. Learn about what Michigan is doing to stop them at supportmiwomenandchildren.com.

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