More Taxpayer-Funded Freebies On The Table For Illegal Aliens In Maine

The Pine Tree State has a poverty rate of about 10.6% but nonetheless, the ol’ moonbats in Maine want to bring in more impoverished people from around the globe by offering taxpayer-funded healthcare to even more illegal aliens over the age of 21.

Maine has become a bit of a hotspot for illegal aliens, many of whom travel to Portland, the state’s largest city. In turn, Portland has spent the last year in financial ruin, with social services strained while city leaders described their situation as “dire.”

To help remedy the situation, Democrats in the state’s capital don’t want to end all that welfare — thereby disincentivizing “noncitizens” to come to Maine — but instead expand government health care programs afforded to all illegal aliens.

The bill is officially known as “An Act to Improve the Health of Maine Residents by Removing Exclusions to the MaineCare Program.” All that really means is that foreign nationals making below a certain income will be able to apply for Maine’s Medicaid program, The Maine Wire reported.

House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross (D-Portland) introduced the bill, and it passed a legislative hurdle Tuesday afternoon. If it is signed into law, which Maine Wire says seems likely, it will go into effect in 2024.

Current price projections for the program are based on a guesstimate of how many illegal aliens, asylum seekers, and other legal noncitizens are in Maine. Undoubtedly though, that cost would rise once future illegal aliens learn they can get the free benefits.

In support of the legislation, economic policy analyst for the Maine Center for Economic Policy James Myall argued that “healthy Mainers are productive Mainers and that by assisting new Mainers with access to health care we’ll be ensuring they are able to contribute to our collective well-being to the fullest extent through the economy.”

Well, the problem is they aren’t Mainers. They aren’t even American citizens. And this will only attract more illegal immigrants to travel to Maine.


The bill comes as America experiences its worst illegal immigration crisis ever under President Joe Biden as his administration all but neglects the open southern border.

Consider that the state of Maine has a population of roughly 1.39 million.

Since January 2021, the Biden administration has allowed at least 1.2 million “known gotaways” — or illegal aliens not stopped by border patrol. That number does not include the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of “unknown gotaways.” Nor does it include the number of “asylum seekers” — many of whom first came to the country unlawfully, then declared asylum on U.S. soil as the law allows — that have flooded America since Biden was elected.

Those numbers are expected to continue unabated, and the federal government cannot even definitively say whether or not Mexico is a reliable ally in the fight against illegal immigration.

What’s going to happen to Maine’s already beleaguered welfare system once it opens up free healthcare to those millions of individuals, all on the taxpayers’ dime? It won’t be a pretty sight for anybody.

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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