Multiple Police Officers Gunned Down In Los Angeles, Massive Law Enforcement Response Developing

At least three law enforcement officers were gunned down in Los Angeles, California, late Wednesday evening, triggering a massive response from law enforcement.

The downed officers have been rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Authorities have pinned the suspect in a parking garage where the suspect continues to fire at law enforcement.

The CBS News affiliate said on live television that the response from law enforcement was “massive” and amounted to several square blocks worth of law enforcement vehicles surrounding the area.

BREAKING: Multiple police officers shot in Los Angeles, California; massive police response underway

— Intel Point Alert (@IntelPointAlert) March 9, 2023

DEVELOPING: Several blocks cordoned off as police monitor the ongoing situation in Los Angeles, California

— Intel Point Alert (@IntelPointAlert) March 9, 2023

The Los Angeles Police Department was placed on a city-wide tactical alert, meaning that authorities were only responding to life-threatening calls due to the amount of resources that were being consumed in response to the shooting.

KTLA reported that two of the police officers who were shot were patrol officers while the third officer was a K9 unit officer.

This is a breaking news story; refresh the page for updates. 

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