Netflix CEO Slams The Democrat Party In Advertisement Backing Candidate Who Was A Republican For Years

Netflix CEO Slams The Democrat Party In Advertisement Backing Candidate Who Was A Republican For Years

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos took a shot at Democrats in a message published as a digital advertisement ahead of this week’s midterm elections.

The advertisement, which was a letter signed by Sarandos that was featured on The Hollywood Reporter’s website, endorsed Rick Caruso (D), a former Republican, for mayor of Los Angeles.

“I am writing this as a citizen of this beautiful but struggling city of ours,” the letter began. “The entire Machine of the Democratic Party had aligned for a candidate that is part of the very system that is failing this city. They are wrong. I am choosing to ignore the endorsements of the club members for a club member and vote for better leadership – I encourage you to do the same I am a lifetime Democrat.”

“Rick is the Democrat I’ve been waiting for, one with a plan and a track record of accomplishing impossible tasks in California and Los Angeles,” the letter continued. “He does it by building coalitions and working with everyone involved to build consensus and support. He can do that because he understands the needs and he understands the system that stands in the way of progress. He is a problem solver. That’s what he does all day, every day. He is not a legislator; he is a doer who understands the legislators and the legislated. He makes Los Angeles a better place.”

“If you think the city is well run and you want more of the same, don’t vote for Rick,” the letter concluded. “All the sitting politicians who run it are telling you the same thing. If you are tired of the inhumane way the homeless population lives in this city, the filth that goes uncleaned, the corruption in city hall, shrinking law enforcement and rising crime and now, the threat of even higher taxes … vote for Rick Caruso. This city is at an inflection point. This election is the most important in memory. There are problems in the world and in the country that need to be solved, but it starts locally. Let’s solve the problems in Los Angeles by electing a Mayor who can work with the people, has a track record of accomplishments, understands business and is a decent human and true leader.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a full digital/mobile page takeover on The Hollywood Reporter (maybe they’ve done it before and I’ve just missed it). But here’s Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos asking people of LA to vote Rick Caruso for Mayor of Los Angeles on Nov. 8th.

— julia alexander (@loudmouthjulia) November 6, 2022

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