New York teacher illegally vaccinates teenager, gets reassigned

Jason Pires

A Long Island, NY teacher has been reassigned from her classroom duties after she was arrested for illegally injecting a 17-year old with a vaccine without his parent’s consent. The teacher, Laura Russo, is not a doctor and is not authorized to administer vaccines. She was arrested for the incident at her Sea Cliff home.

The NY Post reported:

‘Authorities said that Russo had a vial of approved COVID-19 vaccine in her home, although it is not clear where she got it. 

Russo’s son had a friend over who asked her for the vaccine because his mother did not want him to get it, officials said. Police were notified after the teen left Russo’s home and told his mother about the jab, according to cops.’

It is generally not a good idea to vaccinate people’s children without their parent’s consent, especially if one is not a doctor or a licensed professional.

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