New York Times Declares John Fetterman One Of The ‘Most Stylish’ People Of 2022

The New York Times named Senator-Elect John Fetterman (D-PA) as one of the “most stylish” people of 2022, and the internet has opinions about it.

The incoming senator certainly made headlines for his non-traditional look. Fetterman was known for playing up his “everyman” persona by always wearing hooded sweatshirts, Carhartt gear, and athletic shorts, even in formal situations.

The list included newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson along with Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff, and Representative Ayanna Pressly (D-MA). 

Their style influencer roundup also featured celebrities such as Rihanna, Ben Affleck, Timothée Chalamet, Lil Nas X, Anne Hathaway, and Brad Pitt. 

In total, the publication selected 93 people who had “captured our attention” in the past year. 

“Love them or hate them, all have at least one thing in common. At some point over the past 12 months, they made us talk: about how we dress, how we live and how we choose to express ourselves. We welcome dissent. But we are, without a doubt, correct,” the publication wrote of their selections. 

Reactions on the internet to the partially satirical list were mixed.

“Total liberal bias, [the New York Times]⁩!” Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) joked in a tweet. “I not only have the best hair in Congress, but I brought [Carhartt⁩] to Capitol Hill four years ago.” 

“How does [the New York Times] justify putting John Fetterman on the same list as the late Queen Elizabeth? The senator-elect from Pennsylvania is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol,” Sheriden Nolen, a staffer for Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, wrote

“What is ⁦[the New York Times] smoking?” DC political consultant Nachama Soloveichik agreed.

While some were amused by Fetterman’s inclusion on the list, others argued it represented the Left’s obsession with redefining previously established truths.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. This is stylish,” one person shared alongside a photo of Fetterman decked out in his usual Carhatt jacket and shorts combo.

Others argued that this list could have easily been a satirical Babylon Bee “Most Stylish” article. 

Fetterman is also making a break in Hollywood. It was recently announced that the senator-elect will have a cameo in a Netflix film titled “The Pale Blue Eye” alongside actor Christian Bale. He was apparently chosen for the role because of his distinct look.

“John’s got this fantastic face. And so I said to [director Scott Cooper], ‘We’ve got to have him in the tavern. You got to have that face. That’s a face that fits in the 1830s, because a lot of faces don’t fit in the 1830s,’” Bale said, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

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