Nick Cannon To Star In ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’ Spoof Game Show With Kevin Hart

Serial philanderer Nick Cannon just announced that he’s starring in a spoof game show called, “Who’s Having My Baby?”

The project, a collaboration with Cannon and comedian Kevin Hart, was announced Tuesday via social media. While some outlets reported that it was a real game show, according to Variety, it’s just a skit that’s part of an unnamed project. 

“We’re expecting … a new show on E!,” the 42-year-old Cannon shared on his Twitter and Instagram profiles along with a promo clip. 

We’re expecting…a new show on E! 👀 🍼 #WhosHavingMyBaby premieres this Spring on @eentertainment! @KevinHart4real

— Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) March 7, 2023

“You’re going to get some contestants that want to have your baby,” Hart says to Cannon in the video clip before a female voiceover announces, “We’re not kidding around.”

Cannon is a father of 12. This fact has become a running joke in the entertainment industry, with the “Wild ‘n Out” host often making fun of himself for having so many kids with so many different women.

The celebrity often makes light of this situation. “It’s almost the holidays, and thanks to me, the world now has 8 billion people, but my job’s not done,” he joked in a YouTube video during the Christmas season. “And based off the baby mama to kid ratio, we got a whole hell of a lot of gifts to buy.”

“All these damn gifts, y’all just don’t wanna go to college,” the singer continued. “It’s gonna be a merry m*****-f***ing Christmas!”

Hart has also been mocking the idea of Cannon leaving a string of single moms in his wake. In 2020, he rented a billboard in Los Angeles that said, “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon.”

He shares twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey; sons Golden Sagon and Rise Messiah Cannon and daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell; twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir and daughter Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa; son Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi; and daughter Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole. 

Cannon also had two children with Alyssa Scott, including his newest daughter Halo Marie, born in December 2022. His and Alyssa’s son, Zen, died at five months old in December 2021 after being diagnosed with brain cancer.


The actor welcomed five children in 2022 alone.

Cannon claims he spends more than $3 million each year supporting his children financially and doesn’t plan to “participate in the governmental system of child.”

He also insists he’s a very involved father, and a traditional family structure is not necessarily ideal. 

“If I’m not physically in the same city with my kids, I’m talking to them before they go to school via FaceTime and stuff. And then when I am [in the same city, I’m] driving my kids to school, like, making sure I pick ’em up,” Cannon told Men’s Health during an interview last June.

“I’ve seen where people believe a traditional household works, and [yet] there’s a lot of toxicity in that setting,” he continued. “It’s not about what society deems is right. It’s like, what makes it right for you? What brings your happiness? What allows you to have joy and how you define family? We all define family in so many different ways.”

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