O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers DOJ Official Claiming Garland ‘Rolls Over’ On Trans-Identifying Inmate Men Impregnating Female Prisoners

A Justice Department prison official claims U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland “rolls over” in the face of lawsuits from inmates over gender policies in a new report from investigative journalist James O’ Keefe.

According to the report from O’Keefe Media Group, authorities at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) pair trans-identifying men with women in the same cell, where the prisoners abuse the system by claiming they are transgender.

Dr. Linda Noelle, a Federal Bureau of Prisons psychologist, claimed in an undercover video interview that men and women “both play the victim card,” which results in taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries.

“And then they go through [American Civil Liberties Union], and then the ACLU sues the DOJ,” Noelle said. “And the DOJ, unfortunately, under Merrick Garland, it rolls over. It doesn’t go through the courts, so they just pay people off.”

“That’s the bad thing,” she added.

O’Keefe released a video last month where two anonymous female inmates at WCCW discussed an alleged scheme involving convicted male felons claiming they are transgender “just so they could have sex with female inmates.”

Noelle described in the follow-up report from the media group an alleged “million-dollar baby” scheme where trans-identifying male and female federal inmates involved in a pregnancy sue the WCCW that results in high-dollar settlements funded by taxpayers.

Brooke Lynn Sonia, formerly known as Brett Sonia, is currently in custody at WCCW for rape and incest of his biological daughter, and child pornography, the media group reported.


Sonia transferred from a facility in New Hampshire following a federal lawsuit the inmate filed claiming to be under threat of sexual abuse.

“He actually recently was moved to the other pod because of sexual activity,” a source told O’Keefe. “And he got to live out what he was there to do. He wanted to have sex with women, and he got his wish.”

“I heard a quote from him — this came from his mouth,” the source continued. “He was talking to a young lady and told her, ‘Soon my estrogen will be out of the system. I’ll be a producer of healthy sperm again. I’m never gonna get the bottom surgery.’”

“So he intends on being a man there with full testosterone in his system,” the source said. “He wants an intact, working penis, and he is actively trying to make one of these million-dollar babies.”

In response to the O’Keefe Media group, a WCCW spokesperson said that a “common myth perpetuated about people who are transgender is that they will commit crimes of assault against vulnerable populations.”

Washington State Department of Corrections Issues statement to @MegynKellyShow on @OkeefeMedia Report inside facility that says in part that a “common myth perpetuated about people who are transgender is that they will commit crimes of assault against vulnerable populations:”…

— O’Keefe Media Group (@OKeefeMedia) May 3, 2023

Watch the full O’Keefe Media Group report here:

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