Paddington Bear Offers Poignant, Touching Tribute To His Queen

Paddington Bear Offers Poignant, Touching Tribute To His Queen

After news broke that Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in the history of the nation, had died, the Twitter account of the legendary British children’s icon Paddington Bear issued a brief, eloquent statement that spoke for the British people as a whole: “Thank you Ma’am, for everything.”

Thank you Ma’am, for everything.

— Paddington (@paddingtonbear) September 8, 2022


The new tweet echoed what occurred in early June, when the queen appeared with a digitally animated version of Paddington Bear, whom she had invited for tea, at the Platinum Party celebrating her 70 years as monarch in a surprise comic sketch to begin the jubilee concert.

The two tapped on china tea-cups with silver spoons the rhythms of the “We Will Rock You” anthem. Paddington congratulated the Queen, saying: “Happy Jubilee Ma’am. And thank you. For everything.” She simply replied, “That’s very kind.”

Paddington Bear, who hailed from “darkest Peru,” first appeared in October 1958 roughly five years after the queen started her reign. His first appearance came in the children’s book “A Bear Called Paddington” authored by British author Michael Bond, who featured Paddington in over 20 books. Paddington is initially found by the Brown family at London’s Paddington train station with a note hanging around his neck reading, “Please look after this bear.”

Bond’s creation was reportedly inspired by him seeing Jewish refugee children arriving at London’s Reading train station during World War II, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“I remember their labels round their necks and then I remember going to the cinema and seeing on the newsreel that Hitler had moved into some new country and seeing footage of elderly people pushing prams with all their belongings in them,” he told The Telegraph in 2014. “Refugees are the saddest sight, I still think that.”

Much like his adored queen, Paddington Bear always acts with dignity, and is unfailingly polite. In 1994, when the two sides of the English Channel were linked between England and France, a Paddington Bear soft toy was chosen by British tunnellers as the first item they passed to the French tunnellers on the other side.

Two movies have been made starring Paddington, the 2014 film “Paddington”  and the 2017 film “Paddington Bear 2”, both of which were nominated for the BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Film.