Panel Of Young Women Have Trouble Answering ‘What Is A Woman?’ On Dating Podcast

A group of women had trouble answering Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s favorite question, “What is a Woman?,” during a panel discussion on a recent episode of the “Whatever” Podcast.

Podcaster Brian Atlas hosts the show, which features roundtable discussions with young women, or sometimes men, about the state of dating and being single in the modern world. 

Several clips from the show have gone viral, including one where a woman storms out when a man says he’d rather have sex with the oldest woman in the world than the most gorgeous transgender woman.

Atlas asked another simple question that got a big reaction during an episode broadcast two weeks ago. The clip gained new life after being widely shared on Twitter over the weekend. 

Podcast host asks a group of girls “What is a woman?”, and none of them can answer because they’re clearly scared of the left-wing cancel mob.

This is where we are. Sad.

— Alex Rosen (@iFightForKids) March 11, 2023

What is a woman?” Atlas asked during a conversation about transphobia. 

“A woman is anyone who wants to identify as one,” the first panelist quickly replies.

“A cat is a cat because they are a cat,” the host replies. “That’s not, like… this isn’t a gotcha, it’s just a genuine question. What is a woman?”

“I don’t have anything to say,” the second woman says when Atlas gestures for her to answer. “A person. I don’t know.”

The third panelist says, “I understand what your argument is. If I come out and I say, a woman is someone who is born biologically a woman, I understand that that’s where you’re coming from and I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I personally… respect trans people, I respect trans women, so I’m not going to come on here and invalidate them by saying that.”

“I’m just really not interested in having this conversation about trans people anymore,” the next panelist says. “Because you seem very clearly committed to misunderstanding.”

“I am trying to understand,” Atlas replies. “I’m just trying to get people’s perspectives.”

The next two women refuse to answer, then the next says there’s a “better question” to ask. 

Finally, Atlas asks co-host Aly Drummond to answer his query.

“Well, a woman is an adult human female,” she said. “Same thing, like man is an adult human male. XX chromosomes, that means you’re a woman. There are people that are born intersex, but they’re an incredible minority, and… men are humans who have XY chromosomes.” 

This clip has 6.2 million Twitter views and is climbing. 

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