Pelosi Family Will Be Allowed To View Footage From Attack, Hear 911 Call. But Will The Public?

Pelosi Family Will Be Allowed To View Footage From Attack, Hear 911 Call. But Will The Public?

Members of the Pelosi family will be allowed to listen to the 911 call and view officers’ body camera footage related to an attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

David DePape, 42, allegedly assaulted Mr. Pelosi with a hammer when police arrived at the San Francisco home early Friday morning. DePape reportedly demanded to know the speaker’s whereabouts, shouting, “Where’s Nancy?”

While a source familiar with the matter told CNN Tuesday that the Pelosi family would be able to view and listen to evidence from the attack, it’s unclear when or if the public ever will.

“There are no plans to release the body cam footage prior to court proceedings,” a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department told The Independent this week.

DePape is facing both state and federal charges related to the incident.

Some in the media have raised questions about the attack and law enforcement’s response. Host Megyn Kelly, for example, on Monday questioned why Pelosi, an elderly man, would be attacked with a hammer while officers were on-scene. At the very least, she said, the department had “egg on its face.”

“Let’s see it,” Kelly said of the body-cam footage. “Let’s see it all. I don’t know what went on. I know enough to smell a rat. There’s something going on here that they’re not telling us. I just don’t know what it is.”

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins notably confirmed this week that police body camera footage did capture the attack. “You do see him get attacked on that footage,” Jenkins said, according to The Independent.

Some say Politico implied in a report that a third party answered the door for police after Mr. Pelosi called 911 about the attack, causing confusion online.

“David DePape forced his way into the home through a back entrance, [San Francisco Police Chief Bill] Scott said. Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door and were let inside by an unknown person. They discovered DePape and Pelosi struggling for a hammer, and after they instructed them to drop the weapon, Scott said, DePape took the hammer and ‘violently attacked’ Pelosi,” the Politico report said.

The following “clarification” was then added to the post days later: “CLARIFICATION: This report has been updated to clarify that according to the San Francisco Police Department and District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, there were only two people inside the Pelosi home when police arrived early Friday morning, Paul Pelosi and the suspect, David DePape. The police chief had stated on Friday that officers arrived at the house and entered through the front door, which someone — he didn’t specify who — opened from the inside.”

Seriously WTF.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) October 31, 2022

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