Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman Holding Walmart Employee Hostage

A Mississippi police officer shot and killed a woman who had taken an employee hostage inside a Walmart Wednesday.

Video taken by a bystander inside the store showed Corlunda McGinister, a 21-year-old Arkansas woman, holding a gun in her right hand as her left hand was on the back of a stunned Walmart employee. McGinister is heard making requests for a news anchor, saying she doesn’t want to hurt anyone as she forces the Walmart worker to walk with her away from the person recording. 

“Hey, give me a news anchor down here right now,” she said

“I need help, I need help,” McGinister added. “Give me a news anchor down here.”

Viral video posted to TikTok showed an apparent hostage situation unfold at a Walmart in Richland, Mississippi. A woman held a Walmart employee at gunpoint. News reports indicate the suspect was shot dead by police. No other injuries were reported. 📹: 504bigmama pic.twitter.com/KZKYPTn0jC

— Malik Earnest (@MalikEarnest) December 22, 2022


Witnesses said the woman got into a confrontation with the worker in the customer service department before taking her hostage. 

The hostage situation was reported at around 5:45 p.m., and officers with the Richland Police Department quickly moved in on the hostage taker, pleading with her to drop her weapon and let the employee go. Two hours after the incident was reported, McGinister was shot and killed by an officer. 

“RPD had an officer-involved shooting this evening at Walmart. All of our officers are safe. Walmart is secure and closed at this time. MBI will be conducting an independent investigation,” the Richland Police Department stated, according to WAPT. 

Richland Police Chief Nick McClendon informed the public that no one else was injured in the shooting. 

“It’s devastating for all parties involved — the officers, everybody that was involved in this situation,” he said. “You know, with the Christmas season coming, mental health is a big deal because of the stress involved in the Christmas season.”

The Mississippi Walmart reopened with police stationed inside and outside of the store to help customers feel safe.

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