Police Raid The Headquarters Of French President Emmanuel Macron’s Political Party: Report

French law enforcement officials raided the offices of Emmanuel Macron’s political party Tuesday as part of two investigations into alleged campaign finance violations related to the country’s last two presidential elections.

Financial prosecutors at the Parquet National Financier said that the police searched the headquarters of the Renaissance party and the offices of consulting firm McKinsey & Co., which stemmed from a previous investigation into alleged tax-fraud and money-laundering by McKinsey.

“The prosecutors are investigating whether presidential campaigns properly accounted for any role consulting firms played in their activities,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “Another investigation is exploring whether campaigns concealed any improper favors.”

The conspiracy allegations that prosecutors are now investigating involve “downplaying of costs linked to consultancy work in campaign accounts during the 2017 and 2022 elections,” Bloomberg News reported. They are also looking into allegations of favoritism.

Macron is immune from criminal prosecution as president.

The initial investigation into McKinsey that began back in March came after the French Senate discovered that the amount of taxpayer dollars the firm was receiving had more than doubled from 2018, which was shortly after Macron won his first term, to 2021, The Telegraph reported.

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