Police Release Mugshot Photo Of Disgraced Biden Energy Official Sam Brinton

Las Vegas law enforcement officials released the mugshot of disgraced ex-Biden administration official Sam Brinton Wednesday afternoon after Brinton turned himself in on theft charges.

Brinton, who was recently canned from the Department of Energy, was booked late last week for grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000 for allegedly stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport.

Brinton was later released and told to “stay out of trouble.”

BREAKING: Las Vegas police have released a mugshot of Sam Brinton, an ex-Biden administration official charged with stealing luggage in Vegas and Minneapolis. pic.twitter.com/BAEAtdoNQl

— Alpha News (@AlphaNewsMN) December 14, 2022

Las Vegas police discovered last week that Brinton allegedly stole luggage at Harry Reid International Airport over the summer because they recognized Brinton when they saw media reports alleging that he was involved in luggage theft at another airport across the country.

Investigators said that “a white male adult wearing a white T-shirt with a large rainbow colored atomic nuclear symbol design” was seen on security camera footage taking the woman’s bag before leaving the airport.

“Brinton demonstrated several signs of abnormal behavior while taking the victim’s luggage which are cues suspects typically give off when committing luggage theft,” investigators in Las Vegas wrote in their report. “Specifically, Brinton pulled the victim’s luggage from the carousel and examined the tag.”

“Then placing it back on the carousel, looking in all directions for anyone who might be watching, or might approach,” the report continued. “Pulling it back off the carousel and demonstrating the same behavior by looking around before walking away with it quickly. Brinton only having checked one piece of luggage, which Brinton had already claimed from the carousel, had no reason to be examining and taking any other pieces of luggage.”

The charges that Brinton faces in both states are felonies. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine in Nevada, and five years in prison and a $10,000 fine in Minnesota.

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