Poll: 50% Of Likely Voters Support Biden’s Impeachment

A poll released on Monday revealed 50% of likely voters think President Joe Biden should be impeached, according to Rasmussen Reports.

The question of 1,000 likely voters conducted January 26-27, 2022, asked, “Some Republicans in Congress have endorsed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, citing his immigration policy and his failure in Afghanistan, among other reasons. Do you support or oppose impeaching President Biden?”

Do you support impeaching Biden? By party:

R – 74%
D – 34%
I – 42%https://t.co/aPuxzET9mp

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— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) January 31, 2022

Those supporting Biden’s impeachment included 74% of Republicans, 34% of Democrats, and 42 percent of Independents.

Among those who supported the president’s impeachment included 33% who strongly support Biden’s removal.

50% support the impeachment of Joe Biden, 33% strongly.

45% are opposed, 33% strongly.https://t.co/aPuxzFaKKZ

Sponsored by @RaheemKassam and The National Pulse:https://t.co/R4btoQSIke#breakingpoll#impeachment@POTUS pic.twitter.com/mY9joaq9Si

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) January 31, 2022

Among ethnic groups, the results included 50% of Black voters supporting impeachment. A total of 58% of other non-white voters also supported impeachment.

The poll is not the first by the organization to address whether Biden should be impeached. A September 2021 poll found 60% of voters agreed Biden “deserved” to be impeached following America’s military departure from Afghanistan.

“After the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, 60% of voters agreed with South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham that Biden deserved to be impeached. If the GOP wins a majority in the House of Representatives in the November midterms, 45% of voters believe it is likely Republicans will impeach Biden, including 22% who think impeachment is Very Likely. Forty-two percent (42%) don’t think Republicans are likely to impeach Biden, including 10% who say it’s Not At All Likely, while another 12% are not sure,” the firm noted.

‘Joe Biden deserves to be impeached’

Men – 57%
Women – 62%
18-39 – 54%
40-64 – 63%
65+ – 61%
White – 60%
Black – 56%
Oth Non-White – 61%
Dem – 40%
Unaff – 58%
GOP – 83%
All Voters – 60% https://t.co/FpWGpdi8h8

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) September 1, 2021

In addition to half of those surveyed supporting Biden’s impeachment, the Rasmussen Reports’ daily poll showed just 41% approved of Biden’s leadership as president.

Biden approval unchanged at 41% today…https://t.co/8Vo2F74bzC#bidenapproval #BreakingPoll@POTUS

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and “Laptop from Hell”https://t.co/UcRJpOew7E pic.twitter.com/LSC699um6x

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) January 31, 2022

The figure included 47% who strongly disapproved. In contrast, 20% strongly approved of his leadership.

Earlier this month, House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said that anything is “on the table” if Republicans overtake the House following the November midterm elections, including impeaching Biden. The Daily Wire previously reported:

“Anything is on the table when we are in the majority,” Stefanik said of impeachment, JustTheNews reported.

“But what I believe we should focus on is conducting oversight and making sure that we’re passing legislation to secure the border once and for all,” she added. “The policies of the previous administration under President Trump were working.”

Stefanik’s remark came in reaction to Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) opening the door to the possibility of impeaching Biden, noting there are “multiple grounds to consider” on the matter, foremost the chaos at the southern border.

“If we take the House, which I said is overwhelmingly likely, then I think we will see serious investigations of the Biden administration,” Cruz said on an episode of “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” according to The Hill.

“I do think there’s a chance of that,” the Republican continued, noting that Democrats have already “weaponized impeachment” with former President Donald Trump.

In September 2021, Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs introduced three articles of impeachment against Biden, noting the president’s failure regarding Afghanistan, the border, and the federal eviction moratorium.

“President Biden continues to disregard his constitutional duties and boundaries. I believe conducting a sober, evidence-based discussion regarding impeachment is warranted,” he wrote to fellow members of Congress in a letter.

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