Polling And Common Sense Shows Stacey Abrams Will Get Crushed This Election

Polling And Common Sense Shows Stacey Abrams Will Get Crushed This Election

Apparently — in addition to Lizzo — there is some “artist” named Latto.

If you have no idea who that is, you are not alone.

This author had no clue who she was either until Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams joined “Latto” on stage in Atlanta on Sunday night to tout abortion and ask the concert-goers to vote for her.

It was the latest reminder that the 2018 election loser is going to get crushed by incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

Abrams appeared during Latto’s hit song “P***y.”

Latto’s real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens. She used to go by Mulatto. She wanted to reclaim the word until she realized that name was historically offensive to biracial offspring, no matter how hard she tried to shift perception.

So instead, she changed her name to “Latto” and now uses her platform to encourage people to kill their offspring via abortion.

Latto was actually performing at a Lizzo concert, but Lizzo wasn’t part of Abrams’ appearance, who took the stage holding a “MY BODY, MY CHOICE” sign.

“I’m not going to interrupt your fun,” Abrams told the crowd. “I just want to remind you if you believe ‘it’s my body, my choice,’ I need your vote! You gotta show up. This is our time. This is our choice and this is our year. I need your big energy! Let’s get it done.”

Of course, perhaps nothing could be less fun than any politician — let alone Abrams — interrupting a concert to ask for votes.

Based on video, the Lizzo/Latto concert already sounded like migraine-inducing dreck, but Abrams talking about bodily autonomy and abortion really added to the misery.

In response, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro tweeted, “LMAO she’s gonna get crushed.”

LMAO she’s gonna get crushed https://t.co/8uY44x1PVJ

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) October 24, 2022

Polling would indicate Shapiro is correct. According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, Kemp leads Abrams by eight points. In recent days, Abrams has become so desperate that she has begun to make stuff up on the campaign trail.

At a recent event with Oprah Winfrey, the election denier claimed that a litany of oppression would be unleashed on the entire state should Kemp be re-elected.

As reported, she told Winfrey at an event called “A Thriving Life!” that Georgians should elect her or transgender kids would be banned from playing with friends, parents would be forced to lie, 500,000 people would lose health care, and LGBTQ individuals won’t be protected.

Days earlier, she attempted to make a case for abortion by seeming to imply that women who had children were more likely to suffer from the effects of inflation because they have kids to support financially.

Now, Abrams is content to appear on stage with degenerate rappers.

Latto’s song “P***y” is a bit too inappropriate to transcribe, even with asterisks. If readers are curious about understanding the intellectual depth of the latest celebrity to support Abrams, here is Latto’s explanation for one of her songs titled, “B**** From Da Souf.”

“The moments of inspiration for this song was I was just smelling myself, really,” Latto said on a recent internet forum. “I was just smelling myself, and I’m a real a**, rich a** b**** from the South. So, there really wasn’t much to it, it was just a biography.”

First Biden’s smelling habit, now Latto’s — what is it with leftists and their penchant for odd olfactory habits?

Abrams’ decision to go all in on abortion will probably not make a difference in the race.

As polling shows, most Americans are concerned with inflation, the economy, and crime — not abortion or Latto’s body parts.

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