Prince Harry Tells Trauma Expert He Doesn’t See Himself As ‘A Victim’ After Getting Mocked On South Park

Prince Harry told a trauma expert in an interview that aired over the weekend that he does not view himself as a “victim,” which comes just a couple of weeks after he and his wife Meghan Markle were mocked on “South Park.”

The episode, titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” mocked both royal figures by showing thinly veiled stand-ins for the couple, “The Prince and Princess of Canada,” who claim they seek a life of privacy while seemingly trying to inject themselves into the public spotlight.

“I certainly don’t see myself as a victim,” Harry told Dr. Gabor Maté on Saturday while discussing his book. “I’m really grateful to be able to share my story in the hopes that it will help, empower, encourage others and, hopefully, let people understand — again back to the human experience — [that] we are in some shape and form all connected, especially through trauma.”

“I know how important it is to share these stories; how you can save a life and improve lives because you’re almost giving people permission to talk about their own stuff and be themselves,” he added.

“I do not and have never looked for sympathy in this,” he added in an apparent reference to the South Park episode.

Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was reportedly furious over how the couple was portrayed in the episode. A source told the Spectator that the Duchess of Sussex was “upset and overwhelmed” by the show’s mockery of the couple and that she “refuses to watch it all” because of how “annoyed” she is by the whole situation.

South Park RIPS into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) February 20, 2023

The New York Post reported that a royal commentator said the couple could pursue legal action over the episode, although that has not materialized.

“According to sources close to the ex-royals, it appears that, like so many things with Meghan and Harry, this may have legal ramifications attached,” royal reporter Neil Sean said. “Their legal team are casting an eye over the episode to see what is wrong, and what could be turned into something more sinister.”


“This appears to be their course of action rather than laughing it off, enjoying the moment and showing the world that they get the joke and understand this is how they may be perceived, and maybe, dare we say, change … dare we?” he continued. “The makers of ‘South Park’ have, as yet, received nothing but I am told they are aware of this and have nothing to fear, simply because they have the legals all over this and know they could not have broadcast it without the watertight details flattened out.”

However, a spokesperson for the couple said that claims that the couple was pursuing legal action were “baseless and boring.”

The Daily Mail noted that the statement from the spokesperson did not address claims that the couple’s lawyers were actively monitoring the show for future attacks, nor did the statement address reports that Markle was angered by the episode.

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