Priyanka Chopra Gushes About Egg Freezing While Heading Down ‘Ambitious Warpath’ Of Her Career: ‘Best Gift You’ll Give Yourself’

Actress Priyanka Chopra is happy to have frozen her eggs so she could pursue her career before becoming a mother.

The 40-year-old celebrity discussed her thoughts on the matter during a Monday episode of Dax Shephard’s podcast, “Armchair Expert.”

“I felt such a freedom,” Chopra said of making the decision to freeze her eggs. “I did it in my early 30s. I could continue on an ambitious warpath that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get to a certain place in my career, and I also hadn’t met the person I wanted to have children with or I didn’t see that.”

She added: “You know that’s anxiety inducing that OK, you know, 35 and my mom’s an OBGYN who’s like, ’36, just do it.’”

The winner of Miss World 2000 is married to recording artist Nick Jonas. Chopra said she has no regrets about freezing her eggs and even encourages her young friends to consider doing the same. 

“I tell all my younger friends the biological clock is real,” she also said in the episode. “It gets so much harder to get pregnant after 35 and to carry to term and all of that, especially with women that have been working all our lives.”

“But science is at such an amazing place right now where if you can afford it,” Chopra continued. “I tell people, ‘You save money to buy a car. Every month. Do it for Christmas. It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself. ‘Cause you’re taking the power of your biological clock and you can work ‘til however long you want. Your eggs will still be the same age as when you froze them.’ For people who want kids.”

The former Bollywood star also talked about how her age difference with Jonas had her thinking about becoming a mom. 


“I always knew I wanted kids, which is one of the big reasons I didn’t want to date Nick at that time,” she told Shepard. “Because I was like, I don’t know if he wants kids at 25, at that time. But I always wanted kids. I love kids.”

The mom of one previously discussed her decision to use a surrogate rather than getting pregnant herself.

“I had medical complications,” Chopra told British Vogue for their February cover story. “This was a necessary step, and I’m so grateful I was in a position where I could do this. Our surrogate was so generous, kind, lovely, and funny, and she took care of this precious gift for us for six months.”

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