Pro-Sanctuary City Mayor Lori Lightfoot Begs Texas One Last Time To Stop Sending Illegal Aliens

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is begging Texas Governor Greg Abbott to not send any more illegal aliens to the Windy City — despite the fact that just two years ago she signed measures “strengthening” Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city.

On Sunday, the outgoing mayor sent Abbott a letter, imploring him to make Texas carry the burden of the thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens flooding the border. According to the mayor, the Texas governor is going to begin re-sending illegal immigrants via bus starting Monday to Chicago.

“Since we began responding to the arrival of migrants sent by your delegation in August 2022, we have shouldered the responsibility of caring for more than 8,000 men, women, and children with no resources of their own,” she said in the letter. “That number continues to grow.”

In reality, Lightfoot shouldn’t be surprised Texas sent them her way. She practically asked for these individuals to come to Chicago on multiple occasions. For example, in 2019, she tweeted, “Yes, Chicago must be a sanctuary city.

Yes, Chicago must be a sanctuary city.

We’ve got to stand up to the Trump administration’s racist, anti-immigrant terror and make sure every Chicagoan is safe, regardless of citizenship status. And we’ve got to strengthen the Welcoming City Ordinance by eliminating carve-outs.

— Lori Lightfoot (@LoriLightfoot) January 7, 2019

Now, she says there is no more room in her city.

“Chicago is a Welcoming City and we collaborate with County, State, and community partners to rise to this challenge, but your lack of consideration or coordination in an attempt to cause chaos and score political points has resulted in a critical tipping point in our ability to receive individuals and families in a safe, orderly, and dignified way,” she said in the letter. “We simply have no more shelters, spaces, or resources to accommodate an increase of individuals at this level, with little coordination or care, that does not pose a risk to them or others.”

Today, @chicagosmayor sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott urging his administration to stop the inhumane and dangerous action of bussing migrants to Chicago.

We are aware that Texas is planning to resume bussing individuals and families to cities including Chicago.

— Ryan Johnson (@Ryan_Johnson) April 30, 2023

The letter came just hours after Texas authorities started a manhunt for a suspected illegal alien who allegedly killed five individuals —including an eight-year-old child — in a spray of gunfire Friday night. Texas, like other border states, has been dealing with the crisis of illegal immigration for years, and that mass shooting is just the latest ramification.

What is Lightfoot’s solution to this mess? Well, she thinks that it can be solved through more federal funding and “policy changes.” Like her Democratic colleagues in New York City dealing with the same problem, one can only assume that means amnesty.

Of course, this chaos will never end until the border is sealed and thousands of illegal aliens are deported. Don’t count on Lightfoot to send President Joe Biden a letter demanding those sorts of policies though. It seems she’d rather accuse GOP colleagues of being callous and cruel, even though for years she told illegal immigrants from around the globe that they could find sanctuary under her watch.

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