Prosecutors Refuse To Release Body Camera Footage From Incident At Pelosi Home: Report

Prosecutors Refuse To Release Body Camera Footage From Incident At Pelosi Home: Report

Prosecutors overseeing the case of the illegal alien who attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband in their home last week have not released any footage from the incident.

The Daily Mail reported that the prosecutors “are refusing to release police bodycam and surveillance footage” from the incident late last month where 42-year-old David DePape is accused of breaking into the Pelosi home, searching for Nancy Pelosi, and later bashing Paul Pelosi’s skull with a hammer.

“Mr. Pelosi opened the door, they were both holding a hammer and the police observed Mr. DePape pull that hammer away and then strike Mr. Pelosi,” District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said. “That is the most that we’re going to say at this point. Our job is not to try this case in the public or in the press. It’s to try it in a courtroom.”

DePape broke into the home in the wee hours of Friday morning on October 28, demanding to see the powerful lawmaker, who was out of town, according to police. Paul Pelosi, 82, told the intruder he had to use the bathroom, where he made the emergency call, speaking in “code” to a quick-thinking dispatcher.

The criminal complaint in the case said that DePape had zip ties, rope, and tape in a backpack and that he viewed Nancy Pelosi as the “leader of the pack of lies told by the Democratic Party.”

“If she were to tell DePape the ‘truth,’ he would let her go and if she ‘lied,’ he was going to break her kneecaps,” the complaint notes. “By breaking Nancy’s kneecaps, she would then have to be wheeled into Congress, which would show other members of Congress there were consequences to actions,” it alleges DePape told authorities., a fact-finding website, highlighted a tweet from Mission Local journalist Joe Eskenazi that described DePape as a “former Castro nudist protester,” and a 2013 San Francisco Chronicle article noted that DePape was a “hemp jewelry maker.” CNN reported that he had made several posts on social media related to conspiracy theories.

An acquaintance also told CNN that DePape sent her emails that seemed “out of touch with reality,” while his ex-girlfriend said he suffered from mental illness and believed “he was Jesus for a year.”

DePape “is a broken child in an adult body with serious mental problems,” his ex-girlfriend told the San Francisco Chronicle. She also noted that DePape fervently agreed with her on a variety of leftist issues.

“I don’t think he became a Trump supporter. He was against the government, but if anything he was opposed to the shadow government, against the people who really run the government and use politicians as puppets. Like Trump was a puppet. David and I were against the shadow government,” she told the Chronicle.

Greg Wilson and Charlotte Pence contributed to this report.