Racism Against White People Is Alive And Well 

Racism Against White People Is Alive And Well 

Today’s opening to the column is going to be a little different. Instead of a question, let’s play a game.

Imagine you are a sign language interpreter and working on the hit Broadway musical “The Lion King.” Then, suddenly, you’re fired.

You say, “Why am I fired? What did I do wrong?”

And they tell you, “Well, you’re white, so that’s what you did wrong. It’s 2022 — being white sometimes can be a crime. A lot of times it can be a crime. You just don’t really look the part of what we want to see here.”

Crazy, right?

Well, that is what Keith Wann is saying happened to him. He is 53 years-old and he was one of at least two people who were forced off the production by the nonprofit Theater Development Fund, which staffs Broadway shows with American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

Wann claims he was fired after the group decided that it was, “no longer appropriate to have white interpreters represent black characters for ASL, Broadway shows,” according to The New York Post.

So, presumably, because he was representing a black character by signing what the black character was saying and signing, he was fired for not having the right skin color.

Instead, the group in essence claimed, ‘We must reach into the ASL black community because that would somehow be more appropriate.’

So obviously, the offending parties are going to be sued for this.

We actually do have laws in place that don’t allow for that blatant sort of racial discrimination — regardless of skin color.

Wann’s attorney told Fox News, “Well, it’s pretty straightforward, they pretty much admit in their email that they retracted its offer because he is white. There is a statute … that says people have the right to contract regardless of their race.”

Despite what you’ve been told by the mainstream media narrative, racial discrimination — in my honest estimation — happens more often than not against white people in this society. Thanks to BLM and the legacy media narrative, which told us that being white was a form of evil and needed to be addressed all the time, it gets overlooked or people don’t think it happens at all.

Yet in today’s society, yes, we have racism against white people and Wann is a victim of this.

And he has done the right thing by filing a federal discrimination lawsuit against the organization and the director of its accessibility programs, Lisa Carling. 

I don’t know what race Carling is, but I do know that she is an absolute idiot and that whatever comes her way is absolutely deserved in terms of his lawsuit. I’m expecting him to win.

The New York Post added “Carling told him and interpreter Christina Mosleh to “back out” of the show — which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Sunday — so they could be replaced by black sign-language experts.” The Post verified emails showing those statements.

So, to recap, he is a sign language interpreter and a performer. He’s been working in New York for more than a decade. He was offered the chance to work on this amazing show.

And then just a couple of days later, he was shocked when he received the alleged email where Carling sheepishly said in effect, “Hey, why don’t you just leave the show because of the ‘current social climate’.”

Now it’s a national news story and a pretty big lawsuit.

We will keep up to date on the story for you, to see if it gets even dumber, but I don’t see how it possibly could.

When you just start firing people on the basis of their skin color, then you’re pretty dumb.