Ricky Skaggs Says Concert Goers More Open Now To Hearing Gospel After All The ‘Craziness,’ ‘The Virus,’ And More

Country star Ricky Skaggs said concert goers at his shows are more open these days to hearing about the gospel after all “the latest craziness,” “the virus,” and more.

The 68-year-old country and bluegrass singer talked about his Christian faith and said he’s noticed that people seem to have more of a “stomach” to want to listen now to the gospel than they did “pre-pandemic,” the Federalist reported.

“We couldn’t have done the things we’re doing now but with all the latest craziness, the virus and all that, the temperature of people having a stomach to listen to the gospel is much, much better than it was pre-pandemic,” Skaggs explained.

“People are seeing the writing on the wall,” he added. “They’re seeing the way our nation is turning. God does not let those prayers go to waste. People are given another chance. God is the God of the second, third, fourth chance — he’s got all kinds of chances.”

Ricky Skaggs Found His Calling: Honor God And Bluegrass — And Play As Fast As He Canhttps://t.co/BAmVZ8kV2t

— The Federalist (@FDRLST) January 20, 2023

And Skaggs said he knows that something’s changed because there was a time in his career when he said he would hear complaints from those who went to his shows where he was open about his faith.

“One guy wrote a letter complaining that he didn’t pay $100 to hear a sermon,” the country singer recounted. “So I sent him a check for $100. We play great music with such quality and such finesse.”

“These musicians are at the top of their game,” he added. “I feel like God wants us to earn the right to share with the audience. It just is something we should do. They see that we’re just normal people, we love our country, we love God, and we love y’all too. And we’re just gonna share as we do, and make it part of the whole performance.”

Skaggs is a member of the three halls of fame: Country Music, Bluegrass, and Gospel Music. The country star has won 15 Grammys during his career, scored four number 1 country albums, seven number 1 bluegrass albums, and 11 number 1 country singles. But it’s his faith that the singer says he’s most proud of, the outlet noted.

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