Sex Sells: Meghan Markle Knew Exactly What She Was Doing On ‘Deal Or No Deal’

Sex Sells: Meghan Markle Knew Exactly What She Was Doing On ‘Deal Or No Deal’

I’m going to use today’s column to answer a question from a Daily Wire+ member:

“Did you see that Meghan Markle said that she felt like she was treated like a bimbo on ‘Deal Or No Deal’? Thoughts?”

Well, what did she expect? My husband and I talk about this sort of thing all the time.

In today’s world, you have a bunch of women who decide to prostitute themselves — in some way or another —  to help their careers and find success. 

That’s basically what they do. Prostitution is the oldest trade in the book.

So they essentially say, “I’m going to sell my body so that I can be seen, rich, and famous.”

And that’s what Markle did on that show. She decided to stand in skimpy clothes on “Deal Or No Deal.” She was content to be looked at and play the sexy woman who opens a briefcase because she was desperate to be famous.

Now when women like Markle achieve fame, they pretend that their earlier selves were victims. Nobody forced Markle or anybody else to be on “Deal Or No Deal.” She made a decision to exchange sex appeal for attention, publicity, and fame.

But, then these ladies class up, so to speak.

In order to make it seem like they had nothing to do with their former selves, they recast their history through the glorious light of their own victimhood.

Right? So Markle can’t admit that she made the decision.

She wants you to believe she now realizes she was being objectified. She realized it as she was doing the show — and not when they told her or when she applied for the job to stand in a bikini. Maybe she had an agent who said, “Hey, this is good, you could break out in your career,” but she didn’t realize what would be required of her.

In reality, she got the job and knew exactly what was happening.

Now she’s married to a prince. So she has to look backward and feign outrage saying, “I was never that trashy human being. Actually, what happened is I was being objectified.”

Another great example of this is Emily Ratajkowski. I talk about her often.

Ratajkowski wrote an entire book that basically said that every single time she has traded sex for views — which she still does — it was because she was being objectified.

Right. What a shocker.

Do you remember how she hit the scene? It was Robin Thicke’s music video for a song called “Blurred Lines.” Ratajkowski was literally butt-naked dancing next to a musician in that video.

And Ratajkowski wrote a book and she basically said, “I can’t believe I’m being objectified. I took off all my clothes and men were looking at me. I’m going to write this book and say to you that all of the Hollywood publicists and all the managers and everyone that I have worked with for my entire life have just been objectifying me. That’s it. That’s what happened. I don’t want you guys to think I’m a prostitute.”

Well, guess what? I do think you are a prostitute. I think you are all prostitutes of sorts.

It is a form of prostitution. You sold your sex and your body for views, clicks, and a paycheck.

So maybe you are fooling some people, but you are not fooling me Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski.

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