‘Slowly Walk Back Like Homer Simpson Into The Bushes’: Ben Shapiro Notes Dems Backing Away From Stolen Election Claims

‘Slowly Walk Back Like Homer Simpson Into The Bushes’: Ben Shapiro Notes Dems Backing Away From Stolen Election Claims

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro pointed out on Thursday that Democrats, eager to do President Biden’s bidding, are now divided about whether to support claims of elections stolen from Democrats or to move away from whining about election results since Biden has targeted Republicans who believe the 2020 election was stolen.

Democrats have claimed after the 2016 that former President Trump was an illegitimate president and also claimed Stacey Abrams had been denied her status as the rightful governor of Georgia.

Shapiro noted the division among Democrats. “This provides some weird sort of crosscurrents for Democrats,” he noted. “You see a sort of bizarre mix of Democrats doubling down on, ‘Yeah, those elections were stolen’ and also trying to slowly walk back like Homer Simpson into the bushes their old positions about elections being stolen.”

Starting with the doubling-down on stolen elections, Shapiro played a clip of The View’s Whoopi Goldberg speaking about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre, who had tweeted in 2020 that Stacey Abrams was the rightful governor of Georgia.

Goldberg defended Jean-Pierre, saying, “She was doing her part as an American citizen, saying how she felt about an election, whether you like it or not. Everybody talks about everybody has the right to freedom of speech. So that’s the difference.”

“Does Whoopi feel that way about all of the private citizens who believe that Trump won the 2020 election?” Shapiro asked rhetorically.

Turning to The View’s Sunny Hostin, who took the opposite tack from Goldberg, Shapiro played a clip of herbacking away from her past position in which she kept saying that Trump was illegitimate for four years.

“But now, as it turns out, if you deny the legitimacy of an elected president, this means you’re a traitor,’ Shapiro commented. “So she’s like, well, I do want to uphold Joe Biden’s kind of false binary here. So I’m going to pretend I never said that.”

“When Trump became president, I think people were so very shocked, even considering the Electoral College and that sort of thing,” Hostin stated. “The assumption was — at least mine, I’ll speak for myself — that Russia must have been involved because we knew from the Mueller report that Russia had some involvement. Russia thought that that it could benefit from a Trump presidency, which it did, by the way.”

“But I remember calling him an illegitimate president, and that was wrong. I should not have said that because he was not an illegitimate president,” Hostin said.

“He wasn’t. Amazing. Amazing how they backtrack in order to fulfill Joe Biden’s needs of the moment,” Shapiro concluded.