Son Of Dead Alex Murdaugh Housekeeper Speaks Out

While Alex Murdaugh is most recently known for being sentenced to two life sentences for the murders of his wife, Maggie, and youngest son, Paul, another death connected to the Murdaughs is being investigated.

Gloria Satterfield died after allegedly tripping and falling at the Murdaugh’s South Carolina estate in 2018, but her son, Tony, doesn’t believe any foul play was involved. After Gloria’s death, Murdaugh told the family he would sue himself to collect insurance money for the housekeeper’s family – money they never received.

Tony told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo that he felt “betrayed, shocked” after learning that Murdaugh had stolen millions of dollars from his family, but maintained he doesn’t believe his mother was killed on purpose.

The Murdaugh family told Gloria’s sons that she tripped over the family dogs and fell down the stairs, dying from her injuries. At the time, an autopsy wasn’t performed, but after Alex Murdaugh’s crimes were revealed, an investigation into Gloria’s death was opened.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigators now want to exhume Gloria’s body following Murdaugh’s guilty verdict. The family attorney, Eric Bland, has said that the family doesn’t believe Gloria was intentionally killed and that it would be difficult for investigators to find any evidence of foul play.

“She flipped twice, so she had significant closed head injury and open head injury with 12 broken ribs,” Bland told NewsNation. “The real issue is going to be if somebody was told before Paul or Maggie died … if they know something.”

Tony also said he didn’t believe foul play was involved in his mother’s death but does support exhuming his mother’s body.

Satterfield and the murders are just part of the criminal story involving Alex Murdaugh. Murdaugh was accused of stealing $8.5 million from people who had hired him as their attorney. He is also alleged to have orchestrated his own murder by hiring a friend to kill him so that his surviving son, Buster, could receive a $10 million life insurance payout. Murdaugh allegedly lied to police about the incident, claiming a stranger shot him on the side of the road. This all took place just days after Murdaugh’s firm discovered he had stolen money from clients.


Further, state police began looking into the hit-and-run death of a 19-year-old in July 2015 as a possible connection to Murdaugh, but no additional details have been released.

In June 2022, Murdaugh was also indicted for alleged money laundering and creating a “distribution network” for painkillers, the Associated Press reported at the time. Murdaugh allegedly ran the drug ring with the same friend he allegedly hired to kill him.

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