‘South Park’ Creators Announce Reopening Date For Iconic ‘Casa Bonita’ Restaurant

The creators of the hit comedy show “South Park” announced this week that the iconic Colorado restaurant “Casa Bonita,” which the two men purchased in September of last year, will be reopening this spring.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone purchased the restaurant, which is featured in one of South Park’s most popular episodes after the previous owners’ filed for Chapter 11 protection in Arizona last April.

“We want to wish everyone in Colorado a Happy Holidays from all of us at Casa Bonita,” Parker and Stone said in a video released this week. “You know, guys, I saw a thing in the news about what Coloradans want for Christmas, and besides a new football team and fresh snow, they said they wanted an opening date for Casa Bonita.”

Parker and Stone said that the restaurant will reopen in May 2023.

The restaurant was known as a tourist attraction because of its fun atmosphere, which included cliff divers and a lagoon. Under its previous owners, the restaurant got mixed reviews about food quality, to put it nicely.

Executive Chef Dana Rodriguez appeared in the announcement video alongside Parker and Stone.

“Casa Bonita has brought so much joy to so many people over the years — we wanted to share the news of our May reopening as our holiday gift to the people of Colorado,” Rodriguez said.

In a special holiday message from Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Dana “Loca” Rodriguez, the grand reopening date for Casa Bonita is revealed. Happy holidays! 🎁 pic.twitter.com/Jhhx27apsV

— Casa Bonita (@CasaBonita) December 22, 2022

Colorado News obtained plans showing that Parker and Stone poured millions of dollars into renovating the restaurant after purchasing it for $3.1 million.

“The total cost of alterations for the primary space as applicable to this provision are approximately $12,125,000,” according to to build records obtained by the local station.

“General improvements to the existing Casa Bonita restaurant, including improvements to the: life safety systems, accessibility, HVAC systems, air quality, electrical system, plumbing system, and finishes,” a general plan description says. “Accessibility routes will be improved throughout, including a new platform lift and numerous ADA ramps.”

The renovations also include a complete makeover of the restaurant’s “indoor pools and water features and outdoor water feature.”

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