STOLEN ELECTION? Uncounted mail-in ballots, delays at voting stations, Chinese disinformation

STOLEN ELECTION? Uncounted mail-in ballots, delays at voting stations, Chinese disinformation

The more time passes, the more evidence comes to light that Canada’s democracy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Last year’s federal election was riddled with problems, leading many Canadians to question the election results. Some have gone as far as to claim the election was “rigged,” and that Justin Trudeau won the election by fraud.

Some of the many problems with last year’s election include hundreds of thousands of uncounted mail-in ballots, long delays at voting stations, a lack of voting stations on Indigenous reserves, and allegations of Chinese-state meddling. These allegations are likely tip of the iceberg.

Did Justin Trudeau steal the election from Canadians? This is what we know so far:

Uncounted mail-in ballots

It has come to light that over 200,000 mail-in ballots were not counted during last year’s election, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. Tens of thousands of voters had difficulty getting their votes in by the deadline, either due to miscommunication, or through postal service delays.

This has lead many, particularly conservatives and PPC supporters, to question whether the delays were part of an intentional effort to suppress and discard conservative and PPC voters.

Long wait times at voting stations

Voters complained about extremely long wait times during last year’s election. The long wait times discouraged some people to abandon voting altogether.

Elections staff appeared to unprepared for a pandemic election, and its incompetence may have lead to an inaccurate count.

Lack of voting stations

More concerning, was the lack of voting stations in Indigenous communities. These communities, especially in North Ontario, typically vote NDP. The lack of proper access to voting stations could constitute voter suppression.

Chinese disinformation

There are reports that the Chinese government spread disinformation to discourage Canadians from voting for the Conservative Party. It is not uncommon for foreign countries to meddle in other countries’ democratic processes.


Did Justin Trudeau steal the election from Canadians? The evidence is still insufficient to make such a bold claim. However, the evidence suggests there are serious concerns with Canada’s democratic process.

Many Canadians are losing trust in their institutions, and a lot of them blame Trudeau for fermenting that distrust.

*This article contains the author’s opinion.

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